FK Rod Ends 2-Piece Economy Series Rod Ends

FK Rod Ends 2-Piece Economy Series Rod Ends

When it comes to dirt-track rod ends, FK Bearings has been supporting the off-road and dirt-track markets with affordable, quality rod-ends since the company was founded in 1983. We caught up with FK Bearing specialist, Jay Langley, at this year’s PRI Show. Langley walked us through the standard-rod end for open wheel racing. FK’s two-piece 4130 alloy, economy series with PTFE liners are overwhelmingly popular in the sprint car, midget, and mini-sprint type race cars.

The “PTFE-lined rod ends were developed by FK Bearings with different fitments to accommodate the various applications and needs of racers,” said Langley. “Racers were looking for a rod end that could withstand high-impact loads, and a tight PTFE fit was desired. Other applications needed a bearing with minimal breakaway torque, so a lose fit was required.” This was the reasoning behind FK Bearings different fitment options in the PTFE-lined rod ends.

Langley explained the fitment options range from F1 to F3. The F1 fit is tight and requires a bar to move the ball within the housing. FK has rated this fit as 6.0-to 24.0-inch pounds. The F2 fit is described as a standard fitment, where the ball is able to be moved in the housing by finger pressure but still have some resistance. This fit is rated at 2.0- to 6.0-inch pounds. Finally, the F3 fit is described as having no resistance and able to move freely. FK has rated this fit as 0- to 1.0-inch pound. 

The PTFE liner is often used in dirt applications, because the PTFE liner wipes away any contaminates that try to get into the bearing surface that may bind or gall the bearing surface.

For more information on FK Bearings line of FK Rod Ends or other spherical bearings, visit them online at FK Bearings.

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