Fragola Performance Systems’ New Low Permeation Fuel Hose

Fragola Performance Systems’ New Low Permeation Fuel Hose

With the addition of new fuels and changes in fuel chemistry every year, the engineers at Fragola Performance Systems stay busy manufacturing new hose and hose kits for enthusiasts and racers. This year the company has released their new EZ Street Low Permeation Fuel Hose for anyone using today’s pump gas.

Fragola’s Brint Mclellan gave us the details on the new fuel line. “This hose will work for anyone using E85, E98, Diesel, Methanold, or other Ethanol blended fuels,” he said. Manufactured to exacting specifications (SAE 30R9), the hose is a Nitrile based tube that prevents 99-percent of hydrocarbon fuel vapors from escaping. Minimizing the amount of escaping vapors reduces the fuel odors that standard synthetic rubber hose is prone to experiencing.

The hose also features an Aramid reinforced braid the keeps the hose from collapsing, and is suitable for carbureted and fuel injected applications up to 175 PSI.

Currently the fuel line is available in -6 and -8 sizes, for both typical and higher horsepower applications. Fragola’s EZ Street Hose Ends work perfectly with the new fuel line and are suitable for the fuels as the EZ Street Hose. The hose ends are manufactured with a single hose retention bard, also manufactured to SAE specificiations.

The EZ Street hose ends are also available in the -6 and -8 sizes, and come in straight and various bends for any installation. For more information on this or the other fine products manufactured by Fragola Performance Systems, visit them online at

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