GForce Engineering offers Driveline Upgrade Package

GForce Engineering offers Driveline Upgrade Package

The 2018 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, held December 6-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, served as the venue for GForce Engineering to showcase its driveline upgrade packages for the Camaro and Challenger.

According to Jesse Powell at GForce Performance Engineering, the driveline upgrade package for the 6th-gen Camaro is taking off. “Its everyone’s first upgrade when they start modding the drivetrain,” says Powell.

Since the release of the 6th-gen Camaro in late 2015, the 6th-gen Camaro has proven to be a serious contender as its lighter and quicker than previous generations and can easily make some real power. The most common failure point is the axles and the driveshaft.

To remedy the issue, GForce created a driveline upgrade package that includes its Outlaw half-shafts and a 3.5-inch aluminum, one-piece driveshaft. “Short of a complete 9-inch IRS kit, this is the best driveline package you can get for your 6th-gen Camaro.”

GForce also offers driveline upgrades for the 2015-2018 Hellcat, SRT and Scat Pack Charger and Challenger which includes 4.0-inch aluminum driveshafts, complete CV Half Shaft Axle upgrades and the complete 9-inch IRS kit.

The package starts with the new 4.0-inch aluminum, one-piece driveshaft. The driveshaft bolts in, and doesn’t require modifications. Powell added the driveshafts are high-speed balanced for a precision finish and reduction in NVH, which these cars can have.

Much like the GForce Outlaw half shafts, the new Mopar axles carry a lifetime warranty. They also feature one-piece CNC machined inner and outer stubs and oversized 31-spline axle bars for unparalleled strength and durability.

“For the guys taking their Hellcat, SRT or Scat Pack to the next level, we now offer complete bolt-in 9-inch IRS kits,” Powell said. He added the Mopar kits feature a fabricated one-piece housing, 35-spline inner stubs, one-piece billet outer stubs, outlaw axles, Strange Engineering third-member with a choice of gears and 4.0-inch aluminum driveshaft.

According to Powell, GForce is trying to get away from denoting “power levels” because, “the guy who just wants to do burnouts with his stock 20-inch wheels and tires is very different from the guy who has half the power but is racing on drag radials.”

As a result, GForce offers entry-level options for those with mild upgrades to complete packages for the cars with big power and even bigger goals.

For more information check out GForce Engineering.

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