Hot Shot’s Secret’s Adrenaline Transmission and Gear Oils

Hot Shot's Secret's Adrenaline Transmission and Gear Oils

When it comes to engine oil and performance lubricants, there are probably more options for the end user than there are brands of vehicles on the road. However, when you get into the specialized world of competition, marketing only goes so far – real deal performance matters more than anything. Enter Hot Shot’s Secret and their line of Adrenaline lubricants and fluids.

We spoke with Kyle Fischer of Hot Shot’s Secret Motorsports, and he explained what sets the Adrenaline line apart from standard oils. “We first started with a base oil, which is one of the most proven and tested base oils on the market, known to Indy 500 and Daytona drivers,” says Fischer of the Group IV poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) base oil. “To put that into simple terms, conventional oil is a Group 2, and Group 3 oil would be a standard ‘synthetic’ oil, and we use a group 4, which is a purely synthetic oil that cannot come out of grade.”

The heavy duty base oil ensures that the Adrenaline line of fluids maintain their composition under the harshest conditions. “We are the only company on the market to use a Group 4 base oil. That means that under the heaviest loads a racecar can put on it, that oil will stay within grade and not shear at all,” Fischer says. “With a big powerplant, one of the biggest problems is keeping your oil pressure up and keeping the oil in grade, and we don’t have that problem using a Group 4 oil as a base. We than add our additive package and our exclusive FR3 friction reducer.”

While the racing engine oil has been on the market for a year as of this show, the Adrenaline line has been expanded to included race-application transmission fluid and race-application gear oil, both of which are freshly debuted here at PRI.

For more information on Hot Shot’s Secret’s Adrenaline line of racing lubricants, head to their website.

The new Adrenaline line of transmission fluid and gear oil have been extensively tested in Firepunk Diesel’s record-setting drag racing pickup. How many new products debut with a world record under their belts?

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