King Engine Bearings Showcases pMaxKote Bearing Coating

King Engine Bearings Showcases pMaxKote Bearing Coating

When it comes to performance, regardless of what arena your personal interests lie, the unsung heroes of that engine are the engine bearings. They take the brunt, literally, of the abuse dished out to the engine and are expected to be completely reliable and maintenance free. That is an incredibly tall task to ask of a small piece of metal.

In order to not just provide a “good” bearing, King Engine Bearings utilizes its pMaxKote bearing coating to elevate its bearings’ performance to the next level. “The pMaxKote is King Bearings’ factory-applied coating,” Ron Sledge explains to us. “We do it completely in house. We begin the process at the beginning of the manufacturing process of the bearing itself, as evidenced by the ‘C’ stamped into the bearing, denoting that the bearing is intended to be a coated product.”

By optimizing the bearing’s construction in preparation for the coating, as opposed to coating standard bearings, the final product is further optimized. “We’ve made the coating very durable, formulating it to be extremely wear resistant and seizure resistant, while still retaining all the qualities of a coated bearing,” Sledge says. “[The pMaxKote] is going to help with oil starvation and periods of marginal bearing lubrication. Basically it will increase the overall durability of the bearing.”

In addition to the performance benefits, King is cognizant of its customers’ budgets. “We’re looking to be a little bit cheaper than the usual cost of coated bearings, elsewhere in the market,” says Sledge. “Sold at a reasonable price, pMaxKote bearings are just going to be a great value to the consumer and a great product to have in your engine.”

For a complete listing of the applications pMaxKote bearings are available for, check out the King website here.

The pMaxKote is more than “just” a coating. Besides extensive R&D of its formulation, the bearings are manufactured differently than uncoated bearings, with specific design changes incorporated at the earliest stages of manufacturing.

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