Lunati Showcases LS VooDoo Crank And Coated Lifters

Lunati Showcases LS VooDoo Crank And Coated Lifters

Since 1968, Lunati has been at the forefront of the industry producing high-quality cams, cranks, and rotating assemblies. At this years 2018 PRI Show, the company introduced some new parts for the LS as well as a new coating on their roller lifters. We got a chance to talk with Kirk Peters about these new items from Lunati.

The new LS Voodoo crankshaft from Lunati is something you need to check into for your next build. According to Kirk, “We were able to reduce the crankshaft by six-pounds so that you can use a lighter rotating assembly.”

Not only do you have a lighter crankshaft, but the reluctor wheel is already installed — meaning less time and money spent at the machine shop. The 8740 forged non-twist crankshaft will come with either a 58-tooth or 24-tooth wheel configuration. Kirk states, “The cranks are gun-drilled to keep the pressure equal from chamber to chamber. GM kind of had a flaw when they designed it and the gun-drill fixed the flaw.”

On the lifters, you will notice they are coated black instead of the traditional raw silver finish. According to Kirk, “It’s a DLC coating — which stands for Diamond-Like Carbon coating, that was developed for NASCAR.” These lifters will fit small-block and big-block Chevrolet engines and are offered in different sizes as well.

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