Moser Shows Off New Axle Endcaps, Coilover Conversion Kits

Moser Shows Off New Axle Endcaps, Coilover Conversion Kits

Moser Engineering has reaffirmed its commitment to its racing contingency program at this year’s PRI Show while also showing off some of its hottest products, both new and old — not the least of which are new axle endcaps, arguably the most visible branding at the racetrack for Moser and it’s renowned axles.

A re-branding of sorts, Moser has redesigned its axle endcaps and its contingency decals accordingly for 2019. Moser will continue with its contingency program with the NHRA, NMCA, NMRA, IHRA, it’s Sportsman Shootouts, and a myriad of other drag racing programs, with plans to increase that program in the coming months. “The amount of contingency that we’re connected to is one of the biggest in the industry — we’re everywhere when it comes to contingency, even reaching out some smaller programs that guys put together and promote,” explains Moser’s Jeff Anderson. “We’ve always believed in contingency and its a cornerstone of our business since its inception, and we’ve never stopped paying contingency or being an official sponsor of any of the programs we’re involved with. The Moser family are drag racers at heart and it’s something that will always be there.”

The new endcaps, while not a major change, have a new glass-like cover over the familiar “M”, giving the axle ends a luxurious look to class-up your racecar. These endcaps are now part of the MusclePak product, with Anderson noting, “as we’re releasing the new decal designs, it gave us a chance to market the MusclePak as a premium product. Typically guys order these chromed or powdercoated for show cars or high-end race cars that will reflect the image they’re trying to achieve, so we redesigned the caps with a domed decal with a chromed effect that gives it a lot of depth. It’s something we’re proud of and we want the guys going down the dragstrip to look good, too.”

Moser also has new adjustable coilover conversion options for A- and G-bodies to satisfy racers and street/strip types who who want more control over their chassis — they presently have A- and G-body specific upper shock mounts (the lowers are standard across both platforms) with plans to increase the scope of these conversion kits for other makes and models in the future.

The MusclePak housing line, which includes the M9, 12-bolt, Dana 60, and M88, continues to be a huge boon to Moser’s sales, and they are proudly displaying those to the masses who are in search of a complete, bolt-in, ready-to-go housing for their muscle car and street/strip machine.

“This has been our biggest growth product over the last year and a half, and the need for an 8.8 replacement for the stock OEM’s is a lot stronger than even we realized, so it’s been well received and we have a lot of manufacturers we’re working with to supply those. It’s a great, tight little package,” Anderson says.

Moser has been working with U.S. Gear to package it’s high-quality gearsets for its turn-key MusclePak housings.

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