Nitrous Express On Snow Performance Acquisition

Nitrous Express On Snow Performance Acquisition

If there is one thing that happens a lot in the Performance Industry, it’s companies making moves and buying other companies up. The most recent example of this happened just a couple of weeks ago as we learned that Nitrous Express acquired Snow Performance, one of the leading water-meth injection companies in the industry. We caught up with Ryan Lewis, Marketing Director of Nitrous Express on the purchase of Snow Performance and their plans for the future.

According to Mr. Lewis, “We had already sold Snow Performance products in the past, so we had some of their line in-house. This acquisition was an easy way for us to continue to sell Snow’s existing line and grow it as well.” Snow offers several products including five controllers for water-meth injection. The controllers start from just a simple mechanical type activation and go all the way up with an electronic option that allows you to custom tune the system that includes RPM and boost that will enable you to 3D map the system.

So what does water-meth injection do? According to Ryan, “By running water-meth injection,  you can use pump gas in applications where race fuel might be previously needed. It will also drop air intake temperatures on boosted applications as well.” These benefits are obtained by merely injecting a very calculated well-atomized mixture of water and methanol into the intake plenum and will work with both gasoline engines as well as diesel. Ryan said that on the diesel applications when you use a system, the vehicle will get better mileage, make more power, and go into re-generation less than without the injection.

The NX/Snow crew is planning on offering more vehicle applications in the future to add to the existing lineup of the current single nozzle, plate, and direct port systems that they currently sell. For more information check out Snow

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