Nitrous Outlet’s Stinger VI Plate And Late Model Boosted Nitrous Solutions

Nitrous Outlet's Stinger VI Plate And Late Model Boosted Nitrous Solutions

The constant pursuit of product perfection is a hallmark of Nitrous Outlet in everything they release to the public. Nitrous Outlet is ready to help racers go fast with their newest Stinger IV nitrous plate, and the company is also bringing dual power-adders to modern muscle car owners with the nitrous systems for cars that come with forced induction from the factory.

Their Stinger line of nitrous plates has become a go-to for those who love to throw the giggle juice at their engine. The Stinger IV is designed to help engines that struggle with air delivery in a nitrous application to certain cylinders. David Vasser explains just how the Stinger IV delivers nitrous to these engines in a more efficient way.

“We’ve learned that with the small block Ford that it didn’t want to be fed the same amount of nitrous into each runner like the Stinger III is capable of doing. What the Stinger IV does is that it distributes nitrous at a 35-degree angle in the middle runners and 30-degree angle in the corners of the intake. This avoids creating a wall of nitrous that hurts the mph at the top end with a lot of nitrous. We’re able to put the Stinger IV in that the environment and let the nitrous flow so the engine can do its natural job of moving air.”

Since Nitrous Outlet is a company created and run by racers it’s a given they will have really cool project cars to show off their products. “Stitch” is a 1993 S10 that is rocking some serious LSX power under the hood along with a ProCharger, and of course some nitrous courtesy of a Nitrous Outlet kit. Not only is Stitch stunning to look at, but it will also see plenty of track and street time to show off how Nitrous Outlet can help forced induction users get more power.

“We plan on bringing Stitch out at  LS Fest, Street Car Takeover, and Drag Week.  It’s a marketing tool and is designed to target the late model EFI guys since some of these cars come with forced induction on them from the factory. We do a lot of dual power adder applications and there are a lot of people that don’t realize nitrous can be the next step. Our systems for these cars are designed to help the air coming into the blower so the cars can make more power,” Vasser says.

Make sure you check out the Nitrous Outlet website to learn more about the nitrous solutions they provide.

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