Nornda Automotive LS Gear Drive System

Nornda Automotive LS Gear Drive System

If you are planning on making significant power with an engine, the first thing you need to do is eliminate as many weak links as possible. Some of the first things that people frequently replace are connecting rods, pistons, and even the crank. Very rarely do we think about a timing chain as a weak link, but it can be, especially at high horsepower levels.

Nornda Automotive has a solution to this problem for the LS platforms. The Rollmaster LS gear drive offers a precision robust gear drive system that replaces the timing chain. Stan Huitema, Vice-President of Nornda, states, “Once you get over 1,000-horsepower and depending on how that person drives the car, will depend on if you need a gear drive.” Stan continues, ” Most of these gear drives are used in drag cars, but they can be used in street cars and some circuit racing.”

Older style gear drives were a free-floating design which would preload and this would cause a very audible whine. Unlike the earlier generation, the Rollmaster gear drive is not noisy because the gears are locked down and not free floating.

The Rollmaster gear drive comes with an assortment of cam bushes for timing flexibility, ‘A’ grade drawn cup needle roller bearing, case hardened, and ground idle shafts, cam lock tab, and detailed instructions. This unit is available for the LS1, LS2, and LS3 applications.

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