Performance Electronics’ Wide-Band And Cell Phone App

Performance Electronics' Wide-Band And Cell Phone App

The Performance Racing and Industry (PRI) show is always full of new and innovative products, and this year’s event was no different. One of the cooler electronic gadgets that we ran across at the show was a wideband controller. It’s evident that widebands are not a new item to the industry, but this one from Performance Electronics offers the end user a unique twist.

Most widebands are either displayed on a laptop or a gauge that is typically mounted in the vehicle. The difference with the Performance Electronics unit is, they developed an app that allows you to Bluetooth the data straight to your cell phone for display. The PE Wideband02 utilizes what the company refers to as a data link. This small box plugs into the wideband sensor and has a simple two wire hook up. It is super easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about mounting another gauge in the car. The data is simply pushed to your cellular device via a Bluetooth connection.

According to Brian Lewis, Owner of Performance, “Instead of doing a PC monitor we are using the phone because everyone has one.” If you are wanting to do a datalog of your O2’s, it will do that as well. The app will record up to 120-seconds of data that can be replayed for review. Brian also mentioned that future versions of this wide-band app will have even more data logging features for the end user.

For more information and other products from Performance Electronics, be sure and check them out online here.

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