Quarter-Max Takes The Anti-Roll Bar Universal

Quarter-Max Takes The Anti-Roll Bar Universal

Through its Quarter-Max mail order parts division, Rick Jones Race Cars has given racers the world over access to its professional-grade chassis and components; among its initiatives has been to simplify the process of building a racecar for the do-it-yourself racer at home through the use of universal parts that can directly installed or completed with only minimal fabrication work.

Among its most ingenious of ideas are the Extreme Pro Series 2-inch and Heavy Duty 1.5-inch universal anti-roll bar kits, which can be catered to fit any chassis by simply cutting the tube to length and welding it to the splined billet hub ends (or spuds).

“What makes these great is that traditionally to get a splined anti-roll bar, you have to have a one-piece splined, machined shaft,” Rickie Jones explains. “All of the shafts we had that for our chassis didn’t fit everyone else’s cars, so we came up with this kit that consists of 4130 tubing that we can make to the customers length specifications — it can be 24, 36-, 48-inch, however wide you want it. Then we just have the splined spuds that slide in there and you can cut it to any width to fit your car and weld it up.”

As Jones notes, in addition to the tube ends, holes should be drilled near the end of the tube and button-welded to the hub ends, as well, to create an additional point of strength in the assembly.

The hub ends are made of 4130 and gun-drilled to save weight. The anti-roll bars mount on two spherical bearings housed in steel bearing cups that are then mounted to the chassis with supplied brackets and hardware. The spherical bearings allow some play in the side-to-side motion to keep the anti-roll bar from binding up — Jones noting they will absorb quite a bit of misalignment to maintain free movement.

The Extreme Pro Series anti-roll bar features a 2-inch outer diameter with a .250-inch wall thickness, while the Heavy Duty version is 1.5-inch diameter and .375-inch wall thickness.

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