Race Part Solutions Shows Off Their New Wares

Race Part Solutions Shows Off Their New Wares

For more than a decade Race Part Solutions has been providing racers with the very best equipment to keep them on the track. We tracked them down while we were at the 2018 PRI Show, and they had plenty of new items on display. Among them were the very trick CNC aluminum intercooler lids pictured below.

We stopped and spoke with Wade McGowan of Race Part Solutions, and he told us this about the new addition to their inventory. “These are direct replacements for popular pre-made race intercooler caps. You know, those plastic one’s some of them come with tend to warp and leak. When you’re dealing with boost, sometimes parts can swell, and it is difficult to get these off, but ours have provisions that make it easier to do that. If you notice the two diamonds on either side of the center logo, they aren’t just for looks – they accept a 3/8 ratchet so you can get a ratchet in there, get some leverage, and break it loose. When it’s time to put it back on, they’re o-ringed so no one has to worry about leaks or anything like that.”

One of the things we really love about these pieces, is the fact that they are made right here in America. Wade went on to tell us, even the raw billet aluminum used to manufacture these caps is sourced here in these United States. “It’s all U.S.A. made, and you can get them in either black anodized or raw billet.”

While there, we were also able to check out some of Race Part Solutions’ turbo flanges and t-bolt clamps as well. Wade told us, “anytime a turbo company comes out with a new turbo, they change the way they’re plumbed, so we try to stay on top of what everybody knows us for. We offer these inlet and outlet flanges, to make sure our customers can keep up with the latest and greatest. Of course, these are all made in the United States, and we offer them in black and raw.”

To find out more about everything Race Part Solutions has coming out for 2019, check out their website, here.

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