Steve Jackson Breaks Down A Run In The Shadow 2.0

Steve Jackson Breaks Down A Run In The Shadow 2.0

An NHRA Pro Modified racer spends an action-packed five-seconds behind the wheel of their car during a pass, but there is a whole lot that goes on before and after those fleeting seconds. Fan-favorite racer Stevie “Fast” Jackson gives the most in-depth break down you’re ever going to get about what it takes to make a pass in The Shadow 2.0, one of the most infamous blown Pro Mods around.

There is no denying the level of talent that Jackson possesses behind the wheel of anything he drives. The Georgia native has won on the biggest stages in Pro Mod at the NHRA’s U.S. Nationals, and in the small tire world at Lights Out 9l he’s even won titles overseas wheeling cars and winning titles so he has truly earned the title of world champion.

One of the first things you’ll notice in this video is just how much planning really goes into every run of the Shadow. If you thought racing a Pro Mod was just a shoot-from-the-hip affair this video will dispel that quickly as Jackson explains in great detail how the car is fired and what happens during the burnout process. You also get to see some of the things he’s looking at inside the car to make sure everything is exactly how the team wants it before the run begins.

The last part of the video is where Jackson explains what is happening as he rockets down the track and what he’s looking at as the pass is made. You also get to hear his process on how the car is brought to a stop and what you never want to do behind the wheel of a Pro Mod when the run is over. Finally, Jackson covers the routine he and the team go through when the run is complete.

This video from Steve Jackson Racing is over 30 minutes long but is well worth the watch if you want to get a great inside look at what happens during a Pro Mod pass.

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