Taylor English’s 200 MPH Twin Turbo Corvette

Taylor English’s 200 MPH Twin Turbo Corvette

Ripping gears and working the clutch in a manual transmission car is automotive art and those who do it with cars that make massive power are few and far between. Taylor English’s 2007 Z06 Corvette is a wild stick shift car that has crazy horsepower that requires a skillful touch to keep it on the track. With Josh Tonski from Horsepower Solutions behind the wheel, English’s Corvette smashed into the 200 mph zone on its second full pass.

English commissioned the team at Horsepower Solutions to build a Corvette that is both beautiful and lethal while retaining a factory-style H-pattern shifter. This combination produced a modern classic that keeps Tonski busy behind the wheel while flying down the track. After getting the car finished, Tonski loaded the Corvette up and took it to the World Cup Finals to see what it could do.

That was the first time out with the Corvette so we were excited to get some laps in. We’re confident that it’s capable of running in the 7.50s, it’s just always challenging to make it all come together. We would be happy with some 7.60s in the near future after a few more tweaks.”

Under the hood of the Corvette is a sleeved GM 5.3 aluminum block that measures 436 cubic-inches and was machined by Shawn Miller from Precision Racing. Tonski assembled the engine at Horsepower Solutions and filled it with a Callies billet crank, rods, and Diamond Pistons. A set of Mast LS7 heads with titanium Manley valves, an LJMS camshaft, and a Plazmaman billet intake round out the engine. A set of Billet Atomizer injectors pump M1 fuel into the engine and that’s controlled by a Holley Dominator that Tonski tunes.

Potent levels of boost come from a pair of Precision Turbo and Engine 76/75 CEA turbos and wastegates. The turbo system was fabricated by Brian Cox at Horsepower Solutions. To put all the power down Rick Kim built an RKT56 T56 transmission with a G-force gearset and multi-disc clutch. The Driveshaft Shop provided the axles, hubs, and spool that uses the factory ring gear and fills the factory Z06 diff case.

Taking this car to the next level was the goal of Tonski and the final product speaks for itself. We enjoy the manual H-pattern transmission racing. Racers that do this are a dying breed and we are hoping to help keep this style of racing alive. Who doesn’t love a twin turbo Corvette? I don’t think you can get more American than a twin turbo Z06,” Tonski explains.

With such a new car and combination just being able to get the car down the track without any critical issues would have been a win for Tonski, but when he got the timeslip with the magic 200 mph number he was pleasantly surprised.

“We had always wanted to go 200, but we really wanted the E.T. to match, too.

I was just trying to keep the car on the racetrack so it was a wild ride. I really didn’t realize my speed until my shift light came on in fourth gear. I knew that meant I was going at least 195, and it was on a few feet before the trap,” Tonski says.

Tonski is happy to be a part of this project along with the rest of the team at Horsepower Solutions. “I want to thank the owner of the car, Taylor English, for allowing me to build this for him. The car has been a team effort from everyone at the shop. I want to thank my guys Brian Cox, Larry Snyder, Eddie Klaugh, and Clyde Covington.”

Taylor English’s Corvette is a work of art with a clutch and immense horsepower. Seeing this car boogie down the track is amazing and it should lay down some huge numbers when Tonski is able to get more time getting the car set up. Check out this video from BigKleib34 that shows how fast and how much of a handful this Corvette is!

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