TBM And AFCO Partner On Direct-Fit Strut And Brake Package

TBM And AFCO Partner On Direct-Fit Strut And Brake Package

Drag racing brake and suspension powerhouses TBM Brakes, AFCO Racing, and Menscer Motorsports have partnered to produce a unified option for drag racers in 2019, it was revealed here at the PRI Show. TBM, with its attractive two-piston front drag racing brakes, has worked direct with AFCO (and Menscer, which utilizes AFCO’s shock and strut bodies) to develop a bracket that will marry to the Terminator Series spindle-spindle-mount and hub-mount front struts.

With this all-in-one system, racers have a brake package option that is directly compatible with AFCO and Menscer struts out of the box. With only the bracketry and bearing spacing differentiating the hub and caliper from standard brake systems, one can retrofit their brakes should they choose to switch to AFCO or Menscer struts.

TBM is now an AFCO and Menscer distributor, meaning you can buy this complete package direct.

“We’ve adapted the same technology we’ve used in our other kits to this, so it lighter-weight, better-stopping, has more clamping force, and less drag than some of the competitors systems. It’s a nice, tight, integrated package that’s available in hub and spindle-mount,” explains TBM’s Randy Cotteleer.

The TBM drag race brake package is designed for vehicles up to 3,500-pounds topping out at 200 mph; that general operational interaction between weight and speed means that a 2,400-pound car could likely stop at 230 mph or a 4,400-pound car at 170 mph in the event of a parachute failure.

TBM has opted for a two-piston caliper on its front brakes, noting that enough force is there to lock up the front wheels using frontrunner tires — the result is a weight savings without giving up any stopping power.

A strong-performing and highly attractive brake kit, TBM’s brakes are also impressively lightweight: Cotteleer says the hub-mount kit is around 6-pounds lighter than its competitors, while the strut-mounts are around a pound lighter than similar brakes. 

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