Vortech’s New Gear Drive Unit For The Big Block Chevy

Vortech's New Gear Drive Unit For The Big Block Chevy

Centrifugal superchargers are capable of producing massive horsepower and have become very popular in the fastest bracket racing classes like Top Sportsman and Top Dragster. To maximize the power these blowers can produce, racers can use a gear drive to mount the unit to their engine and add some serious strength. Vortech now offers a gear drive that will fit big block Chevy engines so racers can crank up the boost.

The Vortech gear drive for the big block Chevy is made of ultra-strong 6061 aluminum and uses a hefty 3/4-inch mounting plate to affix the unit to the engine. A one-inch intermediate is what the supercharger bolts to the gear drive with and has been lightened without sacrificing any strength.

Lance Keck from Vortech provides additional details about what makes this system great for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster racers who are using big block Chevy power.

“This gear drive will fit a 9.8 to 10.2 deck height big block Chevy. It uses an 8mm cog with a variety of pulleys from a 30 tooth to an 80 tooth that are available. These pulleys provide users the ability to spin their blowers at different speeds. This gear drive will accept all the V-30 gearbox superchargers from the 94-A to 131-A.”

Vortech designed this gear drive to be strong and durable so it can deal with the rigorous use Top Sportsman and Top Dragster racers will put it through. The unit ships with all of the key components to get your Vortech blower mounted to a big block Chevy.

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