Wilson Manifolds’ New Severe-Duty V-Band Throttle Body

Wilson Manifolds’ New Severe-Duty V-Band Throttle Body

When you first start modifying your car, are you like a lot of people and swap throttle bodies as an early modification? When you get into extreme applications, many folks think of the throttle body as simply a required part for their combination, and don’t consider the detailed features of the throttle body. Thankfully, Wilson Manifolds worries about the details so you don’t have to.

While Wilson’s new 105mm V-Band throttle body looks like it could be jewelry for your engine, where it really shines is in the details of its construction. “We went to a split shaft, which has been aero designed to flow more air across the shaft and blade,” explains Keith Wilson. “We also moved to a truly sealed shaft and body, which has been pressure tested up to 100 psi without any leakage, so you won’t leak any of your boost through the bearings.”

With boost pressures headed towards the moon, Wilson beefed up its already-stout design with this new throttle body. It’s built with C-clips to eliminate all of the play in the shaft, and ensures the blade won’t rub on the body,” says Wilson. “We also ensured the shaft is a severe-duty design, which helps stand up to insane boost pressures and any backfires that might occur.”

If you’ve ever had a chance to look at a Wilson throttle body, you know that they are stout, so making it even beefier was no small feat. “We went to a half-inch diameter shaft and a different alloy stainless to make a more robust shaft,” Wilson explains. It’s heavier duty than our previous shaft design, and will hold up better. It’s a very robust throttle body for turbo and blown applications.”

In addition to beefing up the blade and shaft, the shaft has been profiled for increased airflow at wide-open throttle. The bearings have also been sealed to prevent any possible leak path for up to 100 psi of boost.

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