World Products Cast Iron/Steel Cylinder Heads

World Products Cast Iron/Steel Cylinder Heads

World Products has been providing enthusiasts with high-quality, cast iron/steel cylinder heads for decades. We got a chance to stop by their booth at the 2018 PRI Show and see everything they have going on for the coming year with offerings new and old for a range of applications. World Products has everything from NHRA-approved stock replacement cylinder heads to those for big-power street, marine, RV, and other auto racing applications.

We spoke with Dick Boyer, Owner of PBM/World Products/Erson; Dick walked us through several of the cylinder heads World Products offers. The first he mentioned was the smallest of their performance series, dubbed the Sportsman, and Dick had this to say: “This head has a 200cc intake runner, 67cc exhaust – its a 20216. This head been around for a long time, it works great on a 380 cubic-inch or smaller engine. These are available in an angle plug or straight plug design, and come in 64 or 72cc chambers.

Dick also told us about their new machining processes they have implemented to create an even greater product. “All of these heads have been through a new machining process we launched in 2018 — new fixtures, new tooling, new valve job procedures. All of that stuff is a lot nicer, we standardized all of the spring seat pockets.

Another cylinder head Dick showed us was one of their larger small-block Chevrolet heads. “This is our bigger SBC head – the 220 Motown head. It’s available in 64cc or 72cc, straight plug or angle plug, and it is probably the best flowing, out-of-the-box small-block Chevy cylinder head on the market. At .003-inch valve lift, it’ll flow a little over 200cfm, so if you have a stock replacement, flat-tappet, or hydraulic roller application, which most of these go on, the 2-3-400 valve lift numbers are more important than anything.”

These are just two of the cylinder head offerings that were on display. If you’d like to learn more about these and all the other new items World Products has in store, check out their website here.

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