Emilio and Adamo Spinozzi are looking for a breakthrough run at New Years Thunder tomorrow at Willowbank Raceway in the Speedmaster Chevelle.

The team enjoyed their best result yet in the Pro Slammer division at the last round of the championship in Sydney, earning a semi final finish. The result was enough to propel Spinozzi into sixth place for the 400 Thunder championship.

With fifth placed Mark Hinchelwood to miss this upcoming round, the door is open for Spinozzi to move at least one spot up for the series and potentially more.

“Championships aren’t really on our mind, but a top five finish would be an achievable goal to aim for and one I believe is possible even with how many tough teams there are in Pro Slammer,” Spinozzi said.

“We haven’t had the outright pace of the other teams yet but we have had consistency, and that counted for something in Sydney. Track conditions at Willowbank could be hot in the day so it could just be about getting down there.”

New Years Thunder uses the all-run format, which gives the Speedmaster team the most opportunities to realise their goal for the event – consistent five second runs.

“We start off the day with a test run and then there are three rounds of racing, with every team returning for each round,” Spinozzi explained. “Four runs for us on a race-prepared track surface is going to be extremely valuable.

“We feel like we keep finding pieces of an expanding puzzle. Just when we think we have everything in place we realise there is another section. Maybe Willowbank will let us see the complete picture at last.”

After Willowbank, Spinozzi and team will return to Sydney for Summer Thunder on January 19.

“2019 starts off very busy for us championship wise and then we get a bit of a break until April,” Spinozzi said. “We are looking forward to getting back to our home hunting ground and seeing if we can’t break through for a five second pass there as well.”







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