Boosted Engines Make Their Debut

Boosted Engines Make Their Debut

If you can’t get enough of the hit show Horsepower Wars, you are in luck! We’ve got another series on deck to find out once and for all whether the Chevrolet LS or the Ford Coyote engine is superior.

This time around, the competition has changed and for the better. Instead of the $10,000 budget used in the original LS vs. Coyote series, it has been increased to $15,000 per team. On top of the budget increase, both engines will be boosted. That’s right, ProCharger will be supplying a centrifugal supercharger of each team’s choice which promises to make some big numbers for both engine platforms.

Two of the top engine builders in the country were selected to do battle in LS vs. Coyote, captained by Bryan Neelen, Late Model Engines (LME) will build the LS while MPR Racing Engines, lead by Tim Eichhorn, will assemble the Coyote. Both teams will go head to head in the second LS vs. Coyote shootout to show which boosted combination is superior. As the two teams prepare for this contest, a well-thought strategy will play a vital role in this showdown. The teams are going to have to figure out where to cut cost without sacrificing dependability in the builds, but still make as much power as possible.

So who will win? At this point, your guess is as good as ours. The LS took top honors in our naturally aspirated shootout, but all that changes as the boost-hungry Coyote gets force fed. The new season will start on January 10th with the first episode, and episode 2 will follow on February 7th.

If it’s horsepower and torque you are looking for, look no further than the LS vs. Coyote shootout as we find out which engine reigns supreme!

Backed by some of the biggest names in the automotive aftermarket — including ARPBMR Suspension, COMP, CovercraftDiabloSportDyna-BattE3 Spark PlugsHolley Performance PartsMahleMickey ThompsonProCharger, QA1, Royal PurpleSummit RacingTCIWeld Racing, and others — we are ready to kick off another amazing series. Stay tuned for the first episode of LS vs. Coyote!

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