Data Acquisition Made Easy With Racepak’s Vantage CL2

Data Acquisition Made Easy With Racepak's Vantage CL2

The search for data to improve on-track performance is a core goal for serious racers and this process can be daunting to accomplish. For those with 2008 and newer vehicles with an ODB2 port, grabbing gobs of data just got easier thanks to the Racepak Vantage CL2 OBD2 unit. This kit looks like a lightweight part, but it provides a heavyweight punch of data for users.

The CL2 doesn’t require any crazy installation into most 2008 or newer vehicles — you just plug it into the ODB2 port. If your vehicle is using a supported aftermarket EFI system Racepak has an adapter that can be used for the CL2 to allow it to be integrated into that system. After you’ve plugged in the unit, it’s a matter of getting the CL2 to connect via Bluetooth to a mobile device to use the D3 app to record data from up to 10 different channels.

Racepak has designed the CL2 to work with their cloud service for data if you are a subscriber. Having the data in their cloud allows you or your tuner to access the data at any time from any device. The D3 app is there to provide a basic dashboard view for the driver, records the data, and allows for data analysis, as well. The CL2 module itself is there to act as the collector of data that is passed on to the D3 app.

When you purchase the Vantage CL2 OBD2 kit you receive the CL2 unit, external GPS antenna, and the OBD2 extension gable that has an integrated on/off switch. Check out this video from Racepak that provides more details of what the Vantage CL2 is capable of. You can also head over to the Racepak website right here to learn even more about this slick data system.

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