FuelTech, ProCharger Racers Dominate U.S. Street Nationals

FuelTech, ProCharger Racers Dominate U.S. Street Nationals

The FuelTech contingent took the quasi season-opening U.S. Street Nationals by storm this weekend, setting a handful of marks in Pro Modified and Radial versus The World.

Missouri’s Daniel Pharris paced the Pro Modified field in the first session of qualifying with a career-best (in Pro Modified) 3.678 in his twin-turbocharged, FT600-motivated Ford Mustang. The following morning, Kevin Rivernbark, making his debut behind the wheel of the GALOT Motorsports ProCharger-boosted Camaro, controlled entirely by FuelTech electronics, including an FT600 with FTSpark-8, reset the centrifugal supercharger world record in taking over the top spot in the show at 3.634 and 207.08 mph.

But Riverbark wasn’t done there.

In the second round of eliminations, Rivenbark and tuner Steve Petty utilized a competition single and impressive atmospheric conditions to their advantage in uncorking a 3.613 at 207.37. In doing so, Rivenbark moved the centrifugal record ahead by nearly .06-seconds from where it had been prior to the weekend.

Over in the belt-driven supercharger camp, Justin Jones uncorked the quickest runs of the weekend — albeit an unofficial one, as it came during pre-race testing — with a 3.596 at 211.26 mph in his screw-blown Chevrolet Corvette. Utilizing electronic fuel injection (16 injectors) managed by an FT600 and FTSpark-8 and tuned by Brandon Pesz, Jones’ ‘Vette was turning just 70-percent overdrive and tipped the scales at 2,425-pounds as it screamed at nearly 10,000 rpm.

Also under the tutelage of Pesz, Texan Jeff Sitton set the supercharged radial-tire mark during testing with a crushing 3.646. Sitton went on to record the only 3.6-second runs (two of them) in the eliminations rounds that were contested prior to the arrival of rainshowers that cut the event short.

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