Holley Performance Products New 12.3″ Digital Touchscreen Pro Dash

Holley Performance Products New 12.3

Gauges are one of the most important instruments in your car. They are an epicenter for the vitals and display critical information like oil pressure, fuel pressure, temperature, boost and more. There are a lot of digital displays on the market but they all have one common problem: they’re small. The smaller the display area the harder it is to effectively display these parameters … but Holley Performace Products has a solution.

Holley has just released their new 12.3-inch Pro Dash for use with Holley Dominator EFI system and it comes with an overabundance of features. This new screen allows you to not only monitor the engine data, but to make tune-up adjustments without even having to hook up a laptop. This new system is capable of monitoring up to 238 real-time values such as RPM, TPS, boost, and many more. The unit comes with 16 default background skins for you to choose from. If you want something a little more custom, Holley offers you unlimited options for importing custom layouts of your choice.

The Holley Pro Dash also allows you to operate a virtual switch panel. Gone are the days of antiquated toggle switches — these virtual switches will spare you of having to drill holes and make your dash look like a piece of swiss cheese, as well. You can simply switch them on and off as needed and then easily navigate to the next screen with just a swipe of your finger.

This robust dash is made out of aluminum, powder-coated black, and is weather resistant. According to Holley, it is also capable of taking some serious abuse and is just as content in an off-road racer as it is in a show car. Holley also includes a full-scale mounting template and all of the necessary hardware for a professional trouble-free installation.

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