Liftoff! Nitrous-Huffing Camaro Tries To Take Flight

Liftoff! Nitrous-Huffing Camaro Tries To Take Flight

The spoils of victory in drag racing aren’t for those who hold anything back … if you want to come away with the win light you better be ready to push your car to the edge. Jared Rockhold lined his Camaro up against Michael Winston’s Mustang in a race for cash, so neither driver had intentions of backing down. The end result was Rockhold’s Camaro doing a moonshot-level wheelstand followed by one wild ride.

Grabbing a lane against Winston and his Mustang known as “The Nerd” is a tricky task since the car has a reputation of being fast on any surface. With the addition of some monetary motivation on the race, both drivers were more than ready to do whatever was required to come up with the win. Rockhold decided to throw the biggest tune-up he had into the Camaro and send it — that decision led to a wild chain of events that gave Winston a ringside seat to a crazy wheelstand.

When the starter flashed the light and Rockhold’s car roared to life things got crazy in a hurry. The Camaro immediately began a bumper-dragging wheelstand as it rocketed down the track and Rockhold was ready to ride it out.

As Rockhold prepared to bring the Camaro gently back to earth, it made a move towards the center, causing him to correct the car and send it toward the guardrail. Rockhold was able to keep the car rubber-side-down even as it shot back across the track at a high rate of speed. He eventually crossed in front of Winston and smashed into the guardrail, but things could have been much worse.

The National No Prep Racing Association cameras were rolling and caught several angles of the crash, including the GoPro footage that shows Winston getting an up-close view of Rockhold’s car mid-wheelstand.

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