Pro Slammer Mustang Loses Its Body In Wild Crash

Pro Slammer Mustang Loses Its Body In Wild Crash

A Pro Mod driver and bull rider have a lot in common: their fate is tied to a beast that they barely have any control over, and that beast can hurt them in a hurry. Australian Pro Slammer driver Andrew Searle had his hands full when he went on a wild ride during the New Years Thunder event at Willowbank Raceway that led to his Mustang losing its body.

The Pro Slammer class is the Australian equivalent to Pro Mod here in the United States with a wild mix of cars and power-adders all piling into the class. Searle is a seasoned driver who has been competing in the category off and on since the late 1990s, so he knows his way around fast doorcars. His screw-blown 1967 Mustang is a stunning example of what cars look like in the Pro Slammer class.

During qualifying for the New Years Thunder race Searle was struggling to get the Mustang down the track on a clean run. After an aborted pass, he was able to rip off a 6.19 at 215 mph even after a quick pedal job at half-track. Things went very sideways for Searle during the first round of eliminations when he took the ride of a lifetime that no racer wants to experience. The Mustang made a violent left turn and made hard contact with the wall causing the composite body to be shed from the chassis like a snake’s skin.

Take a look at this video from Drag Videos Australia that shows the nasty impact with the wall, the body flying off, and parts scattering across the track.

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