Alamo City Motorplex Stripped Of All Rubber For Bounty Hunters IV

Alamo City Motorplex Stripped Of All Rubber For Bounty Hunters IV

Finding new ways to make an event more exciting for racers and fans is a huge challenge for any promoter. Matt Plotkin and the team that put on the Bounty Hunters No Prep series are working with the new owners of the Alamo City Motorplex to make Bounty Hunters IV a mind-blowing no-prep event. The surface of the track will be totally bare and have no rubber when racing begins at Bounty Hunters IV.

The idea of racing on a surface as close to the street as possible is what attracts every racer to no-prep racing. It challenges their skill as a driver to keep a vehicle pointed in the right direction going down the track, and it also shows who knows how to tune a car to deal with the total lack of traction.

At most no-prep events there is always a certain amount of residual rubber left on the track’s surface before racing begins. For Bounty Hunters IV that won’t be the case at all — racers will have to contend with a surface that has been totally stripped of any traction-providing elements.

“The opportunity for this bare racing surface arose while Alamo City Motorplex was making facility repairs during the winter. The desire to make the track surface smoother and get rid of a few bumps led the facility to bring in Mass Traction to strip all of the rubber from the concrete for the first 600 feet. After some spot repairs were made to the surface, the decision was made to not lay a fresh base of rubber down until after the no-prep event concludes. This decision will ensure both an exciting no prep race at Bounty Hunters IV, and the best-prepped racing surface San Antonio will ever see for the entire 2019 season,” Plotkin says.

With all the rubber gone those who dare to try and tame the trick Alamo City Motorplex during Bounty Hunters IV will get a true no-prep experience. Having this bare surface is what Plotkin wants since it will showcase what makes true no-prep racing great and demonstrate Project X Promotions’ dedication to putting on the best show possible. “We always pride ourselves on both pushing our event’s envelope to the next level, and staying true to what makes no-prep racing so popular with fans and racers alike.”

The best in no-prep racing will be at the Alamo City Motorplex for Bounty Hunters IV March 8-9. You can see all the big names in no-prep racing live RIGHT HERE on when the racing begins. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor COMP Cams along with, Edelbrock, ATI Performance Products, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Flying A Motorsports, SCT, and LME.

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