SAM Tech Set To Offer High Performance Marketing Seminar In 2019

SAM Tech Set To Offer High Performance Marketing Seminar In 2019

The business side of motorsports presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges that really aren’t covered in any textbook. Learning how to navigate this area of racing can be tricky without some guidance and that’s where SAM Tech can help. The new High Performance Marketing Seminar offered by SAM Tech will assist those in the motorsports community with a focused curriculum on how to execute a robust marketing plan for their racing program.

Trying to apply standard marketing principals can be done for motorsports, however, a good amount of tweaking is required to make them ultra-effective. SAM Tech has developed the High Performance Marketing Seminar to have a precise fit for the automotive aftermarket. Topics like marketing success metrics, advertising, social media, product placement, and more are all covered in the seminar.

To help create a truly dynamic class that provides a large impact on those who attend, SAM Tech enlisted Dr. Jamie Meyer, the current performance parts program manager at Chevrolet Performance and Cadillac V-Performance, to be the lead instructor for the class. Along with fellow Chevrolet brand employee and high-performance enthusiast Justin Cesler, Meyer will share his wealth of knowledge with students.

“Success in this industry requires more than just passion. It requires a delicate blend of passion, performance, customer service, analytics, and creative marketing to turn a love for high performance into a fulfilling and profitable career,” explains Cesler. “These seminars combine years of hands-on experience in doing it right and doing it wrong, and are designed for speed shops, builders, fabricators, calibrators, independent contributors, and OEs of any size and any scale.”

The seminar is a two-day event that is worth 16 credit hours. Upcoming dates for the seminars are listed below and you can sign up at or call 713-638-3817.

SAM Tech Current Students: February 21 – 22 2019

SAM Tech Graduate Students: February 21 – 22 or February 23– 24 2019

Industry Leaders: February 23 – 24 2019

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