The Bruder Brothers Move Back To ProCharger For 2019 Season

The Bruder Brothers Move Back To ProCharger For 2019 Season

Nick and Rich Bruder have always found ways to push the envelope and rules in X275 racing with every combination they use. It doesn’t matter if there’s a turbo or blower mounted to the engine, the Bruder brothers find a way to make it fast. After smashing the X275 record with a roots-blown engine program in 2018, Nick and Rich are coming into 2019 with a new combination that features a ProCharger blower.

When the Bruder brothers first unveiled their small-block with a fuel-injected Chuck Ford 8-71 blower, the X275 world got a little nervous. None of the elite teams had ever gone down the roots-blown road in the class, so there was no benchmark for the combination. Everyone knew, though, in the hands of the Bruder brothers this setup would be fast … but they had no idea what was on the horizon.

Soon, the predictions of record-breaking performance became a reality as the Bruders’ familiar Mustang reset the X275 record and became the first in the class to run in the 4.20s. With the additional weight tacked  for their efforts, Nick and Rich seemed to fade off a bit in X275, however, anybody that knows how this duo operates understood this wouldn’t be the case for long.

Footage from TheRacingVids shows Nick and Rich testing a new ProCharger combination at Orlando Speed World ahead of this week’s Lights Out 10. There are no details about the engine or blower at this time. We just get to see the car warmed up, some internal GoPro shots, and then an early shutoff test lap. This new engine sounds very rowdy with the ProCharger hanging from the front so it could be another long season for those in X275.

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