Atomizer Injectors Unveils New Feature Packed Website For Customers

Atomizer Injectors Unveils New Feature Packed Website For Customers

Atomizer Racing Injectors has been growing as a company for several years, and with growth comes the need to service a larger customer base. To help new and existing customers have a great Atomizer Racing Injectors experience, Jack French and his team have developed a fresh website for the business. The new internet home for Atomizer Racing Injectors has a focus on the racers and racing community as a whole.

A top-notch website built just a few years ago is considered ancient by today’s standards, and since many racers make purchases online, having an attractive website packed with functionality is important. French wanted to continue the growth of the Atomizer brand so he decided it was time to unleash a new website.

“I decided to get aggressive with our marketing plan and expand into the markets where we haven’t dominated, like the import market. We also felt we needed to jazz-up the website to make it more user-friendly and help people communicate with us. Those were the big driving factors in the developing the new website,” French says.

The result is an updated website that provides better customer support, showcases what Atomizer customers are doing around the world, and makes getting products easier. There is a new store overflowing with Atomizer injectors and apparel for potential customers to check out. An FAQ and tech section have also been added to the website to help people with their injector needs. We have designed the site to be content-rich and engaging for the user with extreme simplicity when it comes to the buying process online.

Another new and important feature to the Atomizer website is the section that outlines how deep their commitment to racing is along with what all of their racers are doing at venues around the world.

“We added a page where people can see what racers we sponsor, events we sponsor, and what tracks we are involved with. I think it’s important for people to see we’re in the business to make great products and we also give back to the racing community as a whole. There is also a current events section with what we’re doing and our record holding customers,” French says.

In addition to the fresh new website, Team Atomizer has amped up social media involvement in a big way in an effort to connect with the racers and fans with relevant, current industry news and giveaways. They now encourage customers and fans to check out the company’s Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and participate in their monthly injector refresh giveaway or apparel. Atomizer is striving to give back as much as possible to the racing community and they want to connect with every single Atomizer customer on another level.

Check out the new Atomizer Racing Injectors website right here and see all the great new features that have been added.

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