Casey Rance Wins Street Elite With Turbo LS-Power

Casey Rance Wins Street Elite With Turbo LS-Power


If you’re into No-Prep drag racing, odds are you have heard the name, Casey Rance owner of Casey has an orange 240SX know as Agent Orange that has been terrorizing the street classes and others for some time now at 1/8-mile No-Prep events. No one how fast this streetcar is because their time slips in No-Prep racing. However, the word will be out now for the 1/4-mile since Casey and his 240 took the win at TX2K 2019 in the Elite Steet class.

A few years ago Casey found the car and talked to the owner for weeks before he decided to purchase it. He said the car needed some TLC but he wanted it. Casey called the owner only to find out that it sold the day before. Casey offed the previous owner $100  to tell him who bought it so he could go get it. Of course, the new owner jacked up the price of his new possession and tried to take advantage of the situation.

So, Casey waited.

One day Casey received a phone call and the car was back on the market for the right price and he immediately bought it. After he got the car home he started driving it and he absolutely hated it. The 240 needed a lot of work and it had some other concerns. Casey said, “I couldn’t get comfortable in the car due to the blind spots. I had to put the mirrors back on the car and make some adjustments to feel good about driving it.”

Evidently, Casey is more than comfortable in the car now. With a ton of wins under his belt, the 240 works awesome on any track surface. We were curious to know what Casey changed on the car to go from No-Prep to the prepped track at Houston Raceway. Casey said, “We pulled the pin.” We waited for a minute and looked at him with a blank stare. He continued, ” We decided to pull the safety pin so that we could use the parachute. We haven’t used it since probably 2015 or so.” This is just proof that No-Prep racers don’t talk about their setups and getting any additional information on the car for this article would be a problem.

Agent Orange is a street car that utilizes a ladder bar rear suspension set up with a Ford 9-inch rear housing and a Powerglide transmission. The LS under the hood is a 427-cubic inch engine loaded with off the shelf parts from Texas Speed and Performance. The block is a re-sleaved factory aluminum piece and uses cathedral port heads. The forced induction comes by way of a single Garrett turbocharger which Casey would not tell us any of the specs. He just said, “It’s a Garrett.” and then smiled.

When asked about his thoughts on racing on prepped tracks he responded, “It’s cool, but most of them don’t pay very well.” However, Casey was impressed with the payout at TX2K which was $4,000. Casey noted, “We didn’t come out here of the money. We race on non-prepped 1/8-mile tracks. I have never run the car on a prepped 1/4-mile track and wanted to see what it would do. Actually, I want to run in the 6s and break the 200 miles per hour barrier. If that happens, I’m going to drive the car straight to the gas station, fill it up, and drive it straight home.” Casey lives three hours from HRP and he was dead serious. Unfortunatly he came up a little bit short in his quest. This streetcar went a 7.18 elapsed-time at 194.77 miles per hour in the final round beating out a Coyote-powered Mustang for the win.

If you’re at the track and you see Agent Orange in the lanes, we would advise that you do not bet against it. This streetcar likes to run hard and straight while striking fear into those in the opposing lane. Thanks to Tx2K 2019 we know how fast it is in the 1/4-mile, but the 1/8-mile will always remain a mystery.

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