Charles Hull Prepared To Run The Table At The Sweet 16 In X275

Charles Hull Prepared To Run The Table At The Sweet 16 In X275

The X275 class is one of the most competitive in the sport, radial tires or otherwise. At big events where the class is contested the racing is always tight and picking up a victory is a true accomplishment. The Sweet 16 2.0 will feature X275 as one of the two eliminators on the property along with Radial vs The World, and Charles Hull is ready to fight his way into the tough 16-car field.

You could find Hull and his 1992 KBX-powered Mustang in the mix for the win at every X275 race he’s entered for several seasons. The car was always on-point and ready to perform thanks to the help from his crew, and of course Hull doing an outstanding job behind the wheel. Hull reached a point in his life where racing had to take a back seat to some of other priorities. The car was sold, however, he kept tabs on it and when the chance arose, he purchased it back.

“I kept in contact with Leroy Nabors Jr. who purchased the car after I sold it. He called me one day and mentioned that he would sell the car if I knew anybody that was interested. We started to talk and I made him a good offer and he took it,” Hull explains.

After getting the car back, Hull went to work going over the Mustang from bumper to bumper and having the KBX bullet freshened up. The first race he attended with the car was The Shakedown at the Summit where he did well. At every event he’s attended since, Hull has advanced to at least the semifinal round and made a few final round appearances.

Getting back into the racing groove has been a team effort for the Hull camp, making sure there’s a solid group of people around him is what he attributes to his high level of success.

“We’ve always had a great group of guys like John Kolivas, Justin McChesney, Ben Thomas, Joel Greathouse, and my son, Davie Hull, who plays a big part in the team. We’ve got everything down to a science with how we approach racing. Every round we are racing the track, not the other person, so we’re trying to go as fast as we can based on the track conditions every pass,” Hull says.

When Hull heard that X275 would be coming to the Sweet 16 he was the first racer to buy a spot. Over the course of the next few months, he prepared his program for the event because he knew just how tough it will be to make the field.

“Making this 16-car field is going to be a tall order. Your crew can only do so much … the driver has to do his job, too. I think the bump is going to be in the 4.40 range so it will be a meat grinder. When you get these top 16 cars you’re going to have the fastest in the country and I hope we make it. I’m looking forward to this event — it’s the closest event to us for the year. We’ve always wanted to win one of these races Donald puts on, so winning this one would be huge, a real dream come true,” Hull says.

The Duck X Productions Sweet 16 2.0 is going to be an epic event with 100 of the best X275 racers facing off at South Georgia Motorsports Park. If you don’t already have a ticket the only way you can see all the action is on the Pay Per View RIGHT HERE. This broadcast is brought to you with help from COMP Cams, TCI, ProCharger, and Racing Winning Brands.

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