Head Gasket Options From Competition Products

Head Gasket Options From Competition Products

If you’re providing parts that cover virtually every aspect of a high-performance build your ability to educate customers needs to be rock solid. Competition Products has parts nearly any level of build and they also ensure their customers are armed with the knowledge they need to make good choices. In an episode of the CompProd Garage series, Nick Rinehart from Competition Products talks with Aaron Hunter from SCE Gaskets about what’s needed to seal up an engine.

The scope of what Competition Products carries in their catalog is impressive, with everything from engine to suspension parts. Having such a variety of parts and pieces available makes Competition Products a one-stop shop for those trying to build a car, and some of those customers purchasing parts might have questions, so the CompProd Garage series comes in handy.

When Competition Products customers come to them looking for gaskets to finish an engine build, they can choose from several different kinds of SCE Gaskets. SCE is known for making copper head gaskets that work for most applications. Hunter explains in the video how their Pro Copper line of head gaskets can provide a great seal to a block using several different options with O-rings. The Titan line of head gaskets is also covered and Hunter explains the containment methods used in these gaskets. Finally, he touches on SCE’s lines of MLS gaskets and exhaust gaskets and what applications they work best with.

If you’re looking for gaskets and other parts to finish your engine up make sure you check out what Competition Products has on their website.

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