Holley’s STS Turbo To Carry New Intercoolers, Wastegates, And More

Holley's STS Turbo To Carry New Intercoolers, Wastegates, And More

The large number of brands that fall under the Holley name all keep one thing in common: their quality. Whether we’re talking about the quality of the product or the quality of the customer service – there’s a reason that the Holley name is so well known.

Thier nameplate known for turbochargers, STS Turbo, is no exception to this. Just recently announcing a slew of new product offerings for late model performance cars, their lineup has rapidly expanded. No turbos this time around, but there are plenty of other new goods that can be easily installed on your forced induction application.

The most exciting new product being: intercoolers. They are a direct-fit, super easy to install, and are a quick, but significant upgrade. Built with an air-to-air intercooling bar-and-plate core design, they allow for better control of air intake temperatures, resulting in more overall power. With high-quality 6061 aluminum construction that’s 100% TIG-welded, these are sure to outlast and outperform any factory style cooling systems.

Additionally, Holley’s air filter lineup has expanded into STS Turbo territory. Their high-flow washable and reusable air filters are now offered for numerous late model applications, along with STS Filter Wraps to keep out larger dirt particles and debris.

Once your air intake is squared away, they’ve got new wastegates and blow-off valves for you to purchase following. Offered in either a street or race configuration, STS Wastegates feature a one-piece stainless steel valve and a silicon-Nomex diaphragm for maximum reliability. Their blow off valves, on the other hand, are built with industry-leading Turbosmart components. Smaller and lighter than usual, they flow over 330CFM and feature a super simple quick-release V-band collar for easy installation and removal.

To learn more about Holley’s new STS Turbo products, or to purchase, visit their website HERE.

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