Hurst’s Popular Pistol Grip Now Available for GM 4-Speed Automatics

Hurst's Popular Pistol Grip Now Available for GM 4-Speed Automatics

Commonly found in Chargers, Challenger RTs, and Plymouth Barracudas back in the ’70s, the pistol grip was what everyone wanted and, truly, not much has changed since then. The feeling is the same. When holding it, it feels similar to the comfort of a firearm, providing an incredible sense of power and precision–all from the palm of your hand.

One doesn’t notice how crucial the feel of the shifter is when driving and how much it relates to the driving experience as a whole, until they experience a high quality, aftermarket shifter. It’s a whole new ball game.

Hurst, who is arguably the most popular aftermarket shifter manufacturer, has found home in countless muscle cars across the globe. Since its release, their Quarter Stick Shifter has exploded in popularity. Its newest edition, featuring the Pistol Grip, has also taken on this same popularity across the automotive community.

Previously, the Quarter Stick was only available for 2- and 3- speed transmissions, but it’s now also being offered for GM 4-speed automatics.

It’s a work of art, really, but is also built with a purpose. Its ergonomic pistol-grip handle is CNC-machined from billet aluminum, anodized black, and comes with billet side grips.

Specifically developed for the 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, and 4L80E transmissions with forward shift patterns, it features controlled-detent activation, preventing missed shifts, a neutral safety switch, and a reverse lock-out that meets NHRA and IHRA specifications.

As with all Hurst shifters, the Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick is offered in a convenient kit, making it easy to upgrade your vehicle. It shows up on your doorstep with everything needed for installation, including a heavy-duty five-foot long shifter cable, detailed instructions, and hardware.

To learn more, visit Hurst’s website HERE.

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