James Miron Locks In Big Races For WOOOSTOCK 2019

James Miron Locks In Big Races For WOOOSTOCK 2019

Grudge and no-time racing isn’t for everyone, it’s a survival of the fittest form of racing where only the fastest will succeed. The 3rd Annual WOOOSTOCK is bringing the heavy hitters to Darlington Dragway for some hardcore grudge racing. James Miron has locked in some big-money grudge races so he can prove he’s one of the fastest in the game at WOOOSTOCK.

Miron plans on staying very busy at WOOOSTOCK with two huge grudge races locked in for Friday night and then jumping into the N/T Extreme 275 Shootout for Saturday. For his grudge races on Friday, Miron is locked into race two very fast racers, with Phil Bohley and Al “Boogie” Robertson on his dance card.

“I locked in with Phil because he’s from Michigan and he’s one of the faster no-time cars out there. A lot of people consider him the fastest no-time car in Michigan and he’s been racing for a long time. I look at it this way: if you want to be the best you have to beat the best, so that’s how I’m approaching this. I put my neck out there against racers that are faster than me because I’m willing to take that gamble to see if I can beat them,” Miron says.

Both races that Miron has locked in at WOOOSTOCK will be contested without wheelie bars. When Miron races Bohley they will both be on 275 radial tires. For his race against Robertson, Miron will be on a set of 275 tires and Robertson will be rolling on some 315-sized Mickey Thompson radials.

There are some racers that like to play games to get an advantage with race stipulations but not Miron, he looks to race people as they sit.

“I don’t like playing games. Some people like to race slower cars and work their way up, but so many of these cars are super-fast these days. Even if I hear or know a car is faster than me I’m the type of person that you have to show me by doing it on the track. I’m not going to avoid racing you because you might be faster. I’m the kind of person you have to prove that you’re faster on a clean pass,” Miron explains.

Having a gladiator’s mindset is what pushes Miron to take on the fastest racers he can; he wants to go down fighting no matter who’s in the other lane. That attitude is critical when taking on such a tough opponent like Bohley, who has a huge horsepower advantage over him.

“With Phil I know he’s a fast car and I’m going into that race with the mindset that I’ve got nothing to lose. Most people are predicting that I’m going to get beat and he’s got a lot more power than me, but I’m going to make him earn the W. I feel like it’s going to be a really good race. He’s always run a car on a 315 tire, but this is on a 275 tire. Since he hasn’t raced on a 275-sized tire a lot it will slow them down some, but my car is set up for it so it’s going to be a lot closer than what people think,” Miron says.

There are going to be plenty of big grudge races and great racing action at the 3rd Annual WOOOSTOCK that you won’t want to miss. All of the racing is going to be shown live RIGHT HERE on Speedvideo.com from Darlington Dragway. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Lunati along with Lithium Pros, Speedwire, Billet Atomizer Injectors, Flying A Motorsports and LME.

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