Machined Performance By Saenz Connecting Rods

Machined Performance By Saenz Connecting Rods

From World Rally competition to your high-performance street car, Saenz is dedicated to keeping your engine strong and reliable. They have been producing top of line connecting rods for quite some time. Offering two different tiers of rods as well as custom options, Saenz gives the customer a high quality product at multiple price levels.

Their Performance Series rods are high end, race quality products. Designed with performance and durability in mind, they are made from 4340 or 300m USA-sourced steel. 4340 and 300m are very high strength steel, both great choices for the abuse that a connecting rod will see in its lifetime. Clamping the rod to the crank in the Performance Series is specifically ARP hardware. Numerous ARP options are available depending on the needs of the end user. With the latest technology, the engineers at Saenz are able to test these products for a 100% satisfaction rate.

Saenz Performance Connecting Rod

Designed for affordability, the S-Series line of connecting rods are made from 4340 or 300m imported from South America. A decline in quality might be assumed, but these rods are perfect for the racer or enthusiast looking for a strong component at a budget friendly price. They are still put through the rigorous testing as their big brother Performance Series rods. The S-Series rods also exclusively come with ARP bolts to clamp everything together.

The rod bushings are precision made and machined for both of the Performance and S-Series connecting rods. They are made mostly of a C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy for proper metallurgical compatibility with the piston pin. They are bored and honed to size depending on application as some engines need more or less pin clearance.

Saenz is a leader in the connecting rod aftermarket. Their dedication to quality control and quality source material give them the edge to create a product you can trust.

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