Roll Racing, Drag Racing, Cars, And More

Roll Racing, Drag Racing, Cars, And More

TX2K never disappoints and today was no exception as hundreds of car rolled through the gates for some drag racing action. When the event opened, the racers were unloading their cars and headed straight to the staging lanes for round one of qualifying. As the event goes on more and more LS-powered vehicles are showing up, and that’s ok with us. We haven’t seen as many CTSV-S as we had hoped, but there is no shortage of Corvettes on the property.

Ryan Lewakski came all the way from Denver Colorado to TX2K with this C7 Corvette for the drag race portion of the event. The Corvette is a bolt-on only car, and they are trying to run in the 8-second range with the factory engine a drivetrain. According to Ryan, ” We are really trying to push the stock GM parts on the car and see what it’s capable of running. Right now we are using the stock engine, stock transmission, and the stock rear end. We are really trying to put this thing in the 8’s by strapping on a bunch of nitrous and a bigger blower on it.” You can’t deny the fact that the Whipple Supercharger which replaced the LT4 unit isn’t a “bigger blower.” To make room for the new blower, the guys had to cut the cowl, and you can see where the hood is rubbing the ever so slightly.

The nitrous system on the Z06 is made up of several of the nitrous manufactures. The car has two Nitrous Express composite bottles with a set of Nitrous Outlet billet bottle brackets. The supercharger lid was sent off to the guys at Nitrous Outlet for a custom spray bar installation to help cool of the air charge as well as add a little more power. The system is jetted for 200 horsepower and controlled by a NOS mini progressive controller. When the system is activated, a Lingenfelter LNC-2014 pulls timing out of the tune to make sure the system is safe. The only issue that Ryan has had with the nitrous is a a fouled spark plug which say a lot about the system since he has put at least 60 bottles through the car.

When the blower is at max boost, and the 200 horsepower nitrous shot comes on the Z06 cranks out an impressive 1100 horsepower to the tires and a mind-blowing 1350 lb-ft of torque. This is an excellent testament to the LT powerplant and the amount of abuse it can take. Ryan states, “We are just going to continue to push the car until something breaks. If we have to crack into the block to fix something, we will, but at this point, if something does fail, I wouldn’t be made at all.”

The camouflaged wrapped ‘Vette definitely stands out in the sea of GTRs at TX2K and the black Forgeline wheel look right at home on this combo. We are hoping Ryan cracks the 8’s this weekend, but we will have to wait and see if the factory parts hold up.


As we cruised around the property, we also spotted a Camaro that stood out in the crowd. The white sixth-gen Camaro of Eric Warren was at the back of the lot and had an enormous LT1X G1Pro sheet metal intake protruding out of the hood. At a glance, it is evident that this car was all business and it was more apparent after we talked to Steven Rankins originally built the car.

The LT engine is still the stock bore size and houses the factory GM crankshaft. CID heads now replace the LT1 pieces along with a set of CP Carillo forged pistons and rods. This combination coupled with the F1A-94 ProCharger and a Nitrous Outlet dual bottle system cranks out over 1000 horsepower to the wheels. The nitrous system is only jetted for 100 horsepower, but it actually makes 170 horsepower when called upon.

The fuel of choice for the Camaro is e85. While the car still utilizes the factory ECU for the direct injection, a Motech ECU adds additional fuel when the boost hits. This method allows the car to operate like stock until more fuel is needed. Dual Walbro 450s are mounted in a surge tank which supplies the multiport injection on the manifold.

The custom roll cage is certified for 8.50’s and is a real work of art. The main hoop disappears under the headliner, and the down bars can’t even be seen due to the fact they are hidden under interior panels. The welds are immaculate to the point that at first glance it’s hard to tell that they are welded. The only thing that doesn’t look stock in the car at first glance is the Corbeau seats the five-point harnesses.

The driveline in the Camaro is an 8L90e, and Steven told us they worked with Circle D Specialties on the torque converter for this particular setup. He is also currently working with a clutch manufacturer to get a custom clutch set for the 8L90e transmission, and they are close to having it to test. That is good news to the guys that are racing these transmissions. The car still uses the factory independent rear suspension with the addition of Driveshaft Shop axles.

The Camaro has run a best of 8.88 with a 1.3 sixty-foot time at a race weight of 3950. With over 6,000 miles on this engine, countless dyno pulls, and who knows how many passes at the dragstrip, it just goes to show that the LT platform is a force to be reckoned with. We hope to catch this car in action soon.

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