Shift Easy With TCI’s Outlaw-X Shifter And Shift Solenoid

Shift Easy With TCI's Outlaw-X Shifter And Shift Solenoid

The driver’s seat of any vehicle making a quick pass down the track is a fairly busy location with multiple things demanding the attention of the racer at one time. Shifting the vehicle on time is critical for consistency and performance so having a shifter that’s reliable becomes very important. TCI makes hitting shifts stress-free for racers with their Outlaw-X line of shifters and optional Shift Solenoid.

The Outlaw-X shifter has roots in TCI’s successful Diablo shifter line. Customers liked the internal design of the Diablo, so TCI decided to provide a shifter that had the same great internal design at a lower cost. The Shift Solenoid for the Outlaw-X was designed to work with the unit’s case pins to make it easy to install without having to disassemble the entire shifter.

TCI wanted both of these products to benefit both hardcore racers and users who drive their vehicles on the street looking for more performance. Alex McCormick from TCI explains how the products provide advantages for different users.

“We designed this combo for anyone trying to improve their ETs down the strip, from primarily street drivers to full-blown racers. The Outlaw-X shifter is easy to use out on the street, but is designed in a way to make drag passes as fast as possible. Adding our new Shift Solenoid to make that 1-2 shift perfect every pass means that runs can stay consistent and deliver the quickest passes possible.”

Both of these products provide high ease of use that makes life easier for both street and track applications. The NHRA-compliant reverse lockout can be disabled effortlessly with just one hand when you press down on the lever while the transmission is in neutral and move the shifter forward into reverse. The Shift Solenoid can be added by those who mostly drive their vehicle on the street but want precise shifts at the track, and for track racers, it can easily be removed for them to run multiple classes.

You can see all the details about both of these products and what applications they will fit right here on TCI’s website.

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