Shop Vintage Wires Specifically Designed For Old-School Rides

Shop Vintage Wires Specifically Designed For Old-School Rides

For the past thirty years IDIDIT has been providing hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts with some of the industry’s leading steering columns, components, and other accessories. A couple years back, the company acquired a new specialty brand, Vintage Wires.

The companies’ missions perfectly coincided: to bring modern technology and convenience to classic vehicles, all while maintaining the original aesthetic.

Rebuilt from the ground up, Vintage Wires’ recently revamped website showcases their array of popular vintage racer and classic style offerings. Their specialty: fabric-covered ignition wires that give off the sought after old-school look, but also incorporate the safety and ease of modern wiring systems. The best of both worlds? Sounds like it.

Vintage Wires use proven spark-carrying technology, 7.8mm EPDM silicone insulation, a spiral wound suppression core, and a strong, lacquered cotton braid covering. Thier Universal Ignition Cable Kits are available for a handful of four, six, and eight-cylinder applications. Of course, all boots, terminals, dialectric grease ,and installation instructions are included with the purchase.

Head on over to Vintage Wires‘ freshly designed website to check out the new look and to see what they have for your vehicle.

Trever Cornwell of IDIDIT speaks about the new design, “We are pleased to offer our valued customers around the globe added options and convenience when it comes to placing their orders, while maintaining our commitment to dozens of brick-and-mortar locations throughout the continental United States,” said Trever Cornwell of IDIDIT.

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