The Top 10 Finalists For The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2

The Top 10 Finalists For The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout 2

The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout is back for a second season of blood, sweat, tears, drama, and hardcore drag racing! Last year, Team Bigun, led by Eric Yost and with seasoned driver Lyle Barnett behind the wheel, denied all challengers to earn the $10,000 payday and the right to take their “Beer Money” Mustang back home to North Carolina. But that wasn’t all, as Team Bigun chose to return to defend its title against a whole host of new competition, spanning the United States, Canada, and even Australia.

With applications closed, we’ve narrowed the long list of interested teams down to the final ten, taking into account the team’s collective experience, on-track history, and its attitude and personality. Below are the final ten, in no particular order, featuring teams with backgrounds in radial-tire racing, Street Outlaws and no-prep, bracket racing, mud drags, and a whole lot more. On March 8th, we’ll announce the Horsepower Wars pick to join Team Bigun as well as the remaining four teams we select that will enter a popular vote. After the vote wraps on March 15th to determine the third team, those teams (as well as anyone else) will have another week to apply for the 2019 COMP Cams Dream Team, which is the fourth and final team in this year’s $10K Drag Shootout.

Teams will again utilize $7,000 in Summit Racing credit and $3,000 in cash, along with select parts and pieces provided by sponsors to construct a straight-line racing machine in 10 days. They will then square off at one of the nation’s biggest drag races, No Mercy 10 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, for a winner-take-all contest. The $10K Drag Shootout online video series will premier in September.

Let’s get to our Top 10!

Andrade Racing

Name of Team Leader: John Andrade, Jr.

Driver: John Andrade, Jr.

Driving experience: 15 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 4.60/158, 7.40 (1/4)

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: I own a dyno and have tuned many customers cars, so I personally would be the one capable of doing dyno-testing/tuning.

Josh Williams has built and installed numerous roll cages for me out of mild steel and chrome-moly. He also has built many cages for the 4-wheel drive community here in Oklahoma. He is a very skilled Mig and Tig welder and also does chassis work.

John Andrade Sr. has been building race engines and race cars for over 30 years. He has experience in building any make of performance motor. He owns three race cars he has built from the ground up. He has a passion to build race cars and race whether on the street or at the track with his family.

John Andrade Jr. has been around my dad and drag racing my entire life. I learned to build race cars at a very young age. I own three race cars that I have built and ground up. I opened my own performance shop two and half years ago. We build hot rods and race cars on a daily basis; nitrous setups, LS performance, full wiring jobs, EFI conversions, and Holley Performance. I also participated in four seasons of Discovery Channels’ show Street Outlaws. For the show my crew and I built and raced my car, “The Cutty” to compete on the show.

Jayce Andrade has also grown up around hot rods and race cars his entire life. While along side his Dad he learned how to build motors and race cars. He owns two race cars himself. He also participated briefly on Street Outlaws.

Lonnie “Goose” Reed has been a gear head his whole life. He owns over 70 hot rods and muscle cars. He has a passion for continually tinkering with and upgrading them. He also owns more than 100 motorcycles. He owns several automotive businesses around the country.

Josh Williams also is a gear head from birth like the rest of us. He can fabricated anything that I have brought him. He owns a welding company where he builds roll cages for race cars and 4-wheel drive vehicles. His skills include mig and tig welding.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? Because we like to compete and win ans have fun doing it

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? Very very comfortable. With being on street outlaws for a few years it really helped

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. Between me and my dad and my brother we have nine racecars.

“The Cutty” which was a part of the TV show Street Outlaws was built from the ground up. It has an LS 408 with a ProMod 98mm turbo and it makes around 2, 000h horsepower. This year we anticipate it to run 4.50 at 160 mph in the 1/8-mile. It is equipped with Holley EFI, a Texas Speed-built Motor, and Precision turbos.

My Malibu has a 421 18-degree head SBC with a fogger system. It’s a fun little street car. It runs 5.30s at 131 mph in the 1/8-mile. My Dad and I pulled this car from a field and built it from scratch when I was 17 years old.

My dad has owned his  Cutlass, “The Olds” since he was 14 years old. It has over 100 motors in it over the years. My brother and I learned how to work on cars on this car with my dad. This car is 100-percent the reason we are all gearheads and how the team Andrade Racing was formed. It currently has a 455 Olds motor with nitrous. It runs in the 9s in the 1/4-mile.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? Pick us and we will help you make some good TV.

Team Busted Nuts

Team Leader: Mark Dykeman

Driver: Dan Christopher

Driving experience: 23 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 7.63 at 187

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Jack Dykeman: capable of welding and fabrication, wiring, beadlocks, EFI Tuning. Five years experience, employee at Dykeman Welding & Fab, employee at Dykeman Racing. Derek Mota: capable of building a car from the ground up, 20 years experience, owner of Mota Racing & Fabrication. Brian Khoury: cars from start to finish, fabricating and wiring, 20-plus years experience, owner of Power Technologies. Dan Christopher: can do anything car related, 23 years experience, owner of Southern Under Cars. Peter DiCarlo: can build a car from scratch to finish, 23 years experience, employee at Gary’s Automotive & Performance.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? Every one of us has a race car, and all of them have been winning cars hand-built by us. Every one of us can do just about anything on the car. Combining all of our skills we will have no issues building a badass car for the track.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? Yes, no one here is camera shy.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. Jack: ’80 Camaro daily driven high school car, 406 SBC with nitrous cheater kit that ran low 10’s. Derek: ’93 Mustang X275 car, 442 SBF on nitrous, ran 4.70 at 149. Brian: 2013 dragster, 632 BBC on nitrous, Ran 6.40’s in the 1/4-mile and 4.12 at 174 to the 1/8-mile. Dan: ’93 Mustang with a 632 BBC on nitrous, 7.62 at 187 1/4-mile. Pete: ’70 Camaro, 582 BBC on nitrous, 8.22 at 164. Mark: ’79 Camaro, 632 BBC on nitrous, 7.87 1/4-mile; ’72 Camaro (Blue Goose) 460 SBC Procharger, 4.47 at 162; 2014 Camaro (Grey Goose) 427 SBC Procharger, brand new no numbers yet.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? I think our group will be a good asset to the show. We’re all hard-working, competitive guys that know our stuff and can get any car down the track. All funny guys here that like to bust each others balls here and there and have a good time while doing the stuff we love. Thank you for considering us for the show … really enjoyed watching the series and can only imagine how amazing of an experience this would be.

Canadian Chaos

Team Leader: Kandy Mitton

Driver: Kandy Mitton

Driving experience: 20 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 8.17 at 188 mph

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Kandy Mitton: driver/team Leader – organization extraordinaire!

Greg Mitton: tune, repair, assembly, setup, engine assembly, everything. He has also been a technical inspector at one of our local tracks for around 15 years, so he is very aware of safety.

Ray Roach: 50-plus years of drag racing, car building, engine building, flowing heads, suspension setup, transmission building, etc. Ray is also an NHRA member and licensed. Ray has his own flowbench that he made to work on heads.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? Greg and I are COMPETITIVE! We go to win, not to make friends. We know what we are doing and we do it. We have a great, but small, group of drag racing friends who we go to for advice and help. We know what is required to not only build a race vehicle, but to do it without an unlimited budget.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? As per above, I have a lot of experience on TV and radio and am happy to do any kind of promotion to help a show.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. I currently have a tube chassis car with a 1993 Mustang body, only steel part is the shell (roof and rear fenders), the other parts are fiberglass and the trunk lid is tin. Current engine is a 421-inch SBC with a 2-speed Powerglide. The car can run 9.50’s but we slow it to run Super Gas. The car is painted with House of Kolor, Kandy Kameleon paint, Cyan to Purple. As mentioned, Greg took a stock 1984 Mustang and put a 355 SBC in it at home in our garage. He also modified a 1995 Mach 1 670cc Ski Doo to run on asphalt. He also has a 1957 Chevrolet truck and a 1970 Chevelle which he put an LT1 in. Ray Roach has built more racecars than I could ever list — his current one is a 1967 Camaro with a 434 SBC (but that could change daily) He currently runs 9.20’s with it. Ray runs Ray Roach Service Center and is a mechanic. Ray is 69 years old and going stronger than most 20 year olds.

Team Hardway

Team Leader: Ryan Milliken

Driver: Ryan Milliken

Driving experience: 10+ years drag racing

Fastest E.T./MPH: 4.45 at 164mph

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Ryan Milliken, Daniel Pierce, Scott Spencer, David Yarby.

Ryan Milliken: driver and chief button banger/wire-nut extraordinaire.  Racing since  five yers old from dirt bikes, circle track, drag racing, competitive swimming (drag racing with women in bikinis). Current drag racing stint has been steady since 2011 or so, current NHRA 3B license holder, certified SFI inspector and Division 2 NHRA Track Operator (Emerald Coast Dragway). Attended Frank Hawley’s school to get 3B license and drove a nostalgia Funny Car there. Personal best of 4.45/164 mph in the Nova. Besides drag racing I spent 10 years as a USAF EOD (disarming bombs) with two combat tours under my belt between Iraq and Afghanistan and a third pointless deployment to Kyrgyzstan that I don’t count… been doing race car stuff before and after that, though.

Daniel Pierce: crew chief and master mechanic. Drag racing since ever, his family owned and operated a drag strip in West Texas when he was in high school 10-15 years ago. He’s now the shop manager at Hardway and partners with Ryan at Emerald Coast Dragway. Current NHRA 4B license holder. Personal best of 4.55 at 163 mph in the Nova. Daniel’s background has always been racing and/or shop owner/manager. He’s never actually had a real job.

Scott “Scotty” Spencer: fabricator/mechanic. Scotty is our fab guy at Hardway … he can build anything out of anything and make it happen. He’s a self-taught shadetree mechanic that we forced into a diesel mechanic position a few years back when we saw talent in him. All of the fabrication that’s happened at Hardway since we opened five years ago has been done by him, including all the work on the Nova and any customers vehicles we’ve done. Mig/Tig/Aluminum/Stainless/Mild — it’s all good, he can do it.  He’s our other full-time shop guy here at Hardway.

Coty Cole: mechanic/support role. Coty is a part-time guy at Hardway as a mechanic; he’s great to have at the races with you because he makes stuff happen. No job too big or too small, from installing that transmission four times while we get things right all the way to making a taco run for us because we’re starving. Coty is the man.

I don’t have two other guys yet… but I can come up with them.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? We’re probably less than qualified, should fit in well.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? All of us, yes.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. Green diesel X275 Nova, look up the “Cummstang” on YouTube to see Daniels car, The list goes on for diesel contraptions.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? We like to party.

Backroad Kings

Team Leader: Luke Woody

Driver: Luke Woody

Driving experience: Street and track 25 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 5.09 on a 28×10.5

Please tell us about yourself: I am an auto and boat mechanic. I have four kids … my son, who is 17, has been racing with me his whole life and we’re ready to do this.

Luke Woody, Jr. has been building cars with me his whole life. Marcus been building cars for 20 years — he is well known in the street. Keith Todd been building and racing 30 years. David Hobbs raced and builds mud drags and is a hell of a welder.

Describe your background/experience in drag racing: I started racing in the street at 15 years old. I’ve raced for 25 years street and track.

Why should we choose you for Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? I know me and my boys can make it happen. You can ask anybody that races in the street they know me. I can get the car built and put on a hell of a show.

Team Locally Hated

Team Leader: William Ashworth

Driver: Steven Kelly

Driving experience: 18 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 7.89 164mph

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: William Ashworth is a welder, fabricator, and wire technician. Steven Kelly is one of the best motor builders in the southeast — 15 years experience as a diesel technician master engine and transmission builder, also a no-prep drag racer. Austin Knoxville is an all-around guy with four years mechanic experience that can move from place to place … he is small and very quick . Stephen is an oil tech and rearend builder and very good mechanic. Michael Sherman is an up and coming mechanic with six years of experience. Stephen Griffin 27 is a mechanic and technician for Dodge with nine years experience. Lastly, Bob Schaff is a mechanic/master fabricator with more than 30 years experience building hot rods.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? We have one of the fastest no-prep teams in the Southeast — have been on multiple big-money races and do very well . We have a great shop and can fabricate about anything you want.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? No problem at all we have a Facebook page, a YouTube page, and are on GoPro cameras all the time, many of them livestreaming.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. The Boogey Man, it’s a 1979 Chevy Malibu SBC 406-inch nitrous Powerglide small-tire, no-prep heads-up car. It does very well it’s now known as the most hated car at English Mountain Raceway.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? I think our team would really like the opportunity to do something like this to test our skills and see how good we really are against not only another team but agains the clock.

Enemies Everywhere

Team Leader: Jamie Farmer

Driver: Jamie Farmer

Driving experience: 35 years

Fastest E.T./MPH: 7.50 at 194

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Robbie Abbott: Qualified Engine Machinest and builder with 30 years experience who has his own engine shop in the Gold Coast, Queensland and is very highly regarded in drag racing for building engines, the fastest street cars and Nitro Funny Cars. Built Harry Haig’s 3,800-pound street car that runs 7.20s at 192 mph, Terry Seng’s 3,400-pound street car with twin 62mm turbos that ran 7.38at 188, along with other competition cars.

Kevy Morton: 18 years experience as an engine machinist and qualified motor mechanic. Responsible for building the fastest Barra 6-cylinder in a street car — 4,000-pounds 8.10 at 176 mph. Experience in building and tuning blown engines from doorslammer to sportsman racing. Very skilled with EFI tuning

Steve Metcalf: fabrication supervisor for Enemies Everywhere Motorsport where he builds turbo pipes, chassis, differentials, roll cages, does chassis setup and car building. Races his own LJ Torana street car with a turbo RB30 which runs high 7’s.

Nathen Clark: qualified motor mechanic with 20 years experience. Builds his own cars, which his latest is a 3,600-pound car he built in four weeks on his own that cost $3,500 and runs 9.8’0s.

Casey Leonard: qualified auto electrician, motor mechanic, and car builder. Has his own ’56 Holden with an SBC with MoTec he tunes himself and runs 10.20s naturally-aspirated.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? With the experience with this team would be more than competitive in this competition We are all friends for over 25 years and work well as a team. I saw last year’s winning car and it was very scrappy for our standards and confident we could run as fast if not faster in the same baseline car. The experience in this team could adapt to any engine combination and power adder as we have used all the power adders on offer. We have talked about the possibilities of cars and combos and if selected we would start preparing and planning the builds for almost any possibilities. And we can drink beers.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? I have been in front of the camera and comfortable doing so. I’m outgoing, smiling, and funny.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. We have built numerous cars over the years. The Dirty Bird which is built from second-hand parts and development parts from Enemies Everywhere is a test dummy and has been extremely reliable as in 2017 I drove it from California to Iowa for Drag Week. It’s a 1996 Falcon Ute weighing 3,700-pounds with a 5.7 LS1 with twin eBay turbos built by our team. Powerglide built by me, with an MS3 Pro ECU wired by our team and fabrication done in-house. It’s been 8.30s at 165.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? We are a highly skilled and experienced team that can handle all facets of a build like this and skills not seen in last years competition. This team has high energy and high speed building a car as we all work in this industry full-time and have a very practical approach to problem solving. Combined the team has three engine builders, three motor mechanics, four fabricators, one electrician, one transmission builder, two tuners, and six car builders.

Team Kaotic

Team Leader: Shane speed

Driver: Shane Speed

Driving experience: A lot

Fastest E.T./MPH: 4.60 1/8-mile


Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background:

Kaotic Speed was founded in 2008 by Shannon and Shane Speed. We specialize in the Gen III, Gen IV, LSX engines, and all GM transmission performance packages. Kaotic Speed’s vast knowledge of GM platforms is second to none! With over 15-plus years of experience specific to the LSX market, you will be provided with the expert knowledge and technical expertise you need to make an informed decision on your specific application.

Shane is an automobile engineer that holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree, GM Certified Master Technician and ASE Certified Master Mechanic with over 18-plus years of dealership experience. Shane has extensive “specialty training” in Cadillac, Hummer, Saab, Chevrolet, Saturn, Acura and Honda, Holley EFI, HP Tuners, and Dynocom brands.

Shane Speed: car builder, gm world class master technician, certified tuner, engine builder

Steven Wrye: master tech and wiring specialist

Shawn Wine: general tech that gets things done specialties include installation and accessories. Light fabrication.

Shannon Speed: business manager with an eye for the details. She has a high standard for quality and for things to look “pretty”. Project manager

Allen Busby: general tech installation, assembly, maintenance, suspension

Chris: engineering specialist and fabricator

Joyce: team mom and courier

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? Look us up on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube: Kaoticspeed, Kaoticracing.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? Yes

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. I would love to tell you about the car we just put on a Netflix show but I can’t.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? We are a good group of guys that can make stuff happen when we need to. When the pressure is on we will DANCE.

Team Midwest Mayhem

Team Leader: Joe Hunt

Name of driver: Joey Hiykel

Driving experience: 10-plus years small tire drag racing

Fastest E.T./MPH: We only race N/T — much faster than 8.50’s I’ll say that.

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Joey Hiykel: driver, owner and builder of the “Beater Bomb” Mustang. This a garage-built car that has been configured many different ways over the last 10 years. Joey is skilled in driving, tuning and building, especially on the wiring and electronic side of things.

Chad Fegley: owner of The Shop Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chad is one of the hardest working guys I know by far, often working late into the night during the week and all weekend long building some killer street cars and racecars alike. He built Kyle Lofits’ Unicorn C5 Corvette and the Sketchy Vert, just to name a few. Chad is a skilled fabricator, tuner and just and all-around jack-of-all-trades. From new-school to old-school, he can do it all. He was also one of the first sponsors of mine and Joey’s racing programs, and has become a great friend

Brad Vasko: owner of Vasko Speed & Performance. Brad is a highly skilled fabricator known for building beautiful turbo kits. His business is still a side work operation, he also works full-time as a GM technician.

Shawn Clark: the wonderful red beard in many of the attached pictures, that’s Shawn. He is Joey and I’s main crewmember when racing. He is highly motivated and a jack-of-all-trades with a racecar. His passion for racing meshes perfectly with Joey and I to make a great member of our team who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Josh Walton: another self-taught racecar enthusiast who has been around our local race scene as long as we can remember. He races Rocky Mountain Race Week and Drag Week as well as local no-prep events in his turbo LS Monte Carlo and his wife’s turbo LS Fox body Mustang.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? Everyone on my team has learned through experience and had success racing on a limited budget. With my ability to organize each individuals strong suits, I’m highly confident we can show the world what a group of highly passionate “Average Joes” can do, because we’ve already been doing it in the no-prep/street racing world. Put us on the big stage and we won’t disappoint. There is no aspect of building a racecar that we cannot tackle ourselves.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? Absolutely. Many of us have been featured many times on large YouTube channels such as 1320 Video.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. The Blackhawk (my personal 2000 Pontiac Firehawk) is a highly successful true street and small-tire no-prep and street-raced car. Also the Beater Bomb, arguably the most successful small-tire street-raced car in recent years. Kyle Loftis’ Unicorn C5 — everyone has seen this car, it was even in SEMA 2018!

Team Northeast Warriors

Team Leader: Michael Zibella

Driver: Pete Diamond

Driving experience: Since 1996, Pete has been racing his 1984 S10. The best run he has done in the truck is 10.28 at 132 mph in a 1/4-mile. He also has run an ET Dragster

Fastest E.T./MPH: Super Street 10:00 and 7:50 in the dragster

Tell us about your team and their capabilities, experience, and background: Frank and Tina Olszewski started to date in 1987. Tina racing circle track and Frank racing sand and mud drags. They fell in love and married in 1988. Tina sold her circle track car and built her own sand mud drag car and they have been racing together ever since. Frank was in an upper class and Tina in the mid-tier class but as the years went by Tina built her way up to the upper class and races against Frank. They have been racing together for over 30 years now. Frank is a truck driver and Tina is an Automotive Service Manager. Frank is an expert welder and fabricator. Tina is detailed oriented and good with assembly and disassembly. Both enjoy drag racing to the extreme. Michael has also raced with Tina and Frank at various NMRO and MRA events. Michael has been friends with Tina and Frank for almost 30 years.

Fred Kowalik has been involved in racing for most of his adult life. He is very knowledgeable in building race engines, transmissions, drivelines as well as chassis work. Fred has also raced with the NMRO over the years and is also a founding board member of the MRA. His day job is a heavy equipment mechanic in Vermont. Fred and Michael have known each other for almost thirty years.

Matt Groncki has been welding since he was a teenager. During this time, Matt was the lead mechanic for his father’s dirt race car. Over the years, he has built, altered, and fabricated several street-legal drag cars for friends. For the past five years Matt has been the main crew chief for both of his children’s Junior Dragsters. Both the son and daughter compete at the Lebanon Valley Dragway in West Lebanon, New York. Matt is the second lieutenant at the Rotterdam District 2 fire department. He has worked his way up through the ranks to his current position. His great, great, great grandfather was the founding members of the Rotterdam District 2 fire department.

Pete Diamond works for the Town of Hurley Highway Department. He has worked there for 14 years as a Heavy Equipment Machine Operator. One of his builds was a 1984 S-10 race truck with a 355 and Turbo 400. He has also been involved in building a Super Comp dragster. For the past six years, Pete has been involved in his daughters Junior Dragster at the Lebanon Valley Dragway.

What makes you qualified to win the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout? My team and I would be a great addition to the Horsepower Wars due to our vast knowledge in drag racing both on asphalt and in the mud. We bring years of experience from designing and building vehicles, competing and organizing events. This team of individuals would work extremely well with my leadership to complete any challenge that would be presented to us.

Are you comfortable being in front of and speaking on camera? I am very comfortable speaking publicly and in front of cameras. From my past experiences of all of the different organizations, I would have no problems.

Tell us about a car you (and/your team) have built. Recently, I completed a 1966 Chevy II that started out to be an engine swap but ended up to be a complete rebuild. Every piece of sheet metal was replaced except the roof and one A-pillar. The car has a tubular Mustang II coilover suspension front end with a four-link rear end with a 555 cubic-inch blown big-block Chevy. It also has a12-point roll cage, TH 400 manual valve body transmission and a fully fabricated Ford 9-inch narrowed rear end housing. It is an 8-second street-legal car. This Chevy II has won numerous awards at car shows throughout the Northeast. This car has over $125,000 invested in it as well as over 300 man hours. This has been one of my premier builds.

Anything extra that you want to share with us as part of your application? I have done so much in the last 33 years that it is hard to write down all of the events that I have gone to, hosted, or help promote in both my personal and professional career. My whole life has been about racing and nostalgic cars. My wife has been supportive of me for the 14 years of our marriage plus the 12 years before that. I have always had the support of my family throughout the years. My son has started a new path with the Junior Drag Racing series. This is an exciting new adventure for both of us. I am very passionate about everything I am involved with. You would not be disappointed by choosing my team and I for this challenge.

The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout is made possible by some of the leading companies in our industry, including Toyo TiresCOMP CamsTCIK&N FiltersDyna-BattMahle MotorsportsDyna-BattWeld RacingCorsa PerformanceFragolaHolleyE3 Spark PlugsTotal SealMickey ThompsonMoser EngineeringBMR SuspensionMiller Electric, and ARP.

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