Accelaquarter Raceway Abruptly Cancels 2019 Racing Season

Accelaquarter Raceway Abruptly Cancels 2019 Racing Season

With no previous notice given to the general racers and fans of Accelaquarter Raceway, the track is to cease operations just days before they were to swing the gates open for the 2019 racing season.

They do not cite the typical noise problems, ordinance restrictions, or any other roadblock that many dragstrips are forced to overcome in today’s world. In this case, it’s a matter of the owner’s health problems requiring him to concentrate on himself, rather than his love of drag racing.

Frank Sisk is quoted to have invested over one million dollars in the 1/8-mile dragstrip. It currently features 2,000-feet of shutdown, concrete walls, over-track operations tower, covered grandstands, and a paved pit area that easily holds over 200 entrants.

Resurrected from the original track that operated from 1963 to 1985, the track underwent a huge transformation by Frank Sisk before its reopening in 2007.

We were able to contact Jay Farnsworth, the track manager for the past two years. Farnsworth made the announcement on the track’s website and social media pages that “After a reevaluation of recent circumstances I have made the decision to step away from the opportunity of Track Operator at Accelaquarter Raceway, and the 2019 Accelaquarter season is canceled.”

It’s no secret that Accelaquarter Raceway, like many dragstrips, is built on a flood plain. It hasn’t stopped the track from hosting well attended racing seasons at their exceptional complex.

Farnsworth points out that there are absolutely no financial straits or business problems related to the decision not to open for this season. “Frank and I had a long conversation just a few days ago,” Farnsworth continued. “He wanted to end the current arrangement where he managed the overall financials with me running the daily operations.”

“One of the awesome things about this track is the huge fan following on any given weekend,” Farnsworth adds. “On a bracket racing day, the stands are filled with over 500 spectators. We really filled the place when we hosted special events.”

Jay Farnsworth present an award to Frank Sisk at their 2018 track award ceremony. “Frank (Sisk) has a tremendous amount of health problems,” says Farnsworth. “His interests have become more about personal things and not the track. I really do understand and all of us who know Frank, wish him the very best.”

It’s no secret that Accelaquarter Raceway has been listed for sale since 2016. The current realtor advertisement has a discounted price of $620,000 with all of the amenities posted. When the track was advertised initially almost three years ago, it had an asking price of $1.2 million.

To view the track’s Facebook page concerning the season’s cancellation is a testament to the effort put forth by Sisk and the staff. There are far more compliments to what the track had accomplished compared to any criticism for its current closure.

Whether it be famed racers, motorsport manufacturers, or even dragstrips ownership, the sports is moving away from its original generation. Accelaquarter Raceway is an example of a historical track of the 1960s, resurrected by Frank Sisk, and will hopefully pass on to yet another entrepreneur with a love of the sport.

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