Callies New Compstar Coyote Crankshaft

Callies New Compstar Coyote Crankshaft

The Ford Coyote engine continues to shine as a performance workhorse with blistering numbers showing up at the drag strip at all levels of racing. This high-performance potential has attracted aftermarket companies in droves to create parts for the engine, and now Callies has stepped up with a new crankshaft. The Callies Compstar line of crankshafts are designed to cover those who are looking for an upgraded crankshaft packed with features at a fair price and is NHRA-approved.

Callies already produces crankshafts that can be found in Mopar and COPO engines at NHRA national events and local races. The Compstar Coyote cranks are an option to provide Cobra Jet racers with the ability to add strength to their engine. These cranks are also designed to work with other Coyote engine applications that are being pushed to the very edge.

Brook Piper from Callies explains why the company stepped into the Coyote crankshaft market with their Compstar products.

“Our customers kept asking for another option for their Mustangs and Cobra Jets, so we decided to help the Ford racers out. These cranks provide a lot of benefits for racers since they’re made of a 4340 material and they’re not a regrind of an OEM crank. The cranks are a great price value for any racer.”

Callies wanted to be sure the new Compstar Coyote crankshaft could be used by as many racers as possible after it was ready. To make this happen they went through the process of getting the cranks approved by the NHRA so they could be used in class racing.

“All of the Cobra Jet cars out there competing in their classes and other venues will benefit from this. It means a cost-effective version or option for the racer. Not everyone has a billet crankshaft in their budget,” Piper explains.

Since a variety of racers will be using the Compstar crankshafts for different applications Callies has prepared four different versions, all designed to ensure the end user can maximize the amount of power they make.

“We have a drop-in replacement unit that’s factory stroke and rod journal diameters, but is made of the 4340 material. The second version is a 3.800-inch stroke crankshaft with a 2100 Chevy journal for additional strength and overlap for the boosted engines. Our third version is a 3.900-inch stroke with a 2.00-inch journal.  This version we had to go to the 2.00-inch journal for block clearance. These were designed for the guy trying to make the most power they could naturally-aspirated. The fourth version we’re going to be offering now is a 3.800-inch stroke with 2.00-inch journals — this is mainly to help out guys with existing motors with good connecting rods but need to upgrade out of their factory crank that was offset ground when they had no other option,” Piper says.

Head over to the Callies website to get all of the details on these new Compstar Coyote crankshafts.

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