Two weeks ago, J.R. Carr established the first-ever NHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock elapsed time record. Friday night at zMax Dragway, he didn’t set a record, but he was plenty quick.

Carr established the provisional No. 1 during first-day qualifying for the NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals with a 6.240 elapsed time at 225.79 miles per hour.

“We’re happy,” Carr said. “That’s a whole different world out there with four cars going down the track. We’ve never done it. I did a little studying and understood the staging because I figured that’d be the first thing I screwed up. I did okay there. Car got out a little bit on me and got away from me a little bit so there’s a better pass in it.”

Friday night’s Q-2 session was the first time the cars hit the track because rain and high winds forced the cancellation of the first scheduled qualifying run.

Carr was just happy he managed to stage the car and keep it reasonably straight.

“The car was moving a little bit on me and I got behind the shift and once you lose, at least with me, once I lose my rhythm I’m just kind of off,” Carr explained. “And so I was a little bit off. I wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as pretty as what Houston was, I can say that.”

Perfect run or not, Carr is just happy to be part of the show.

“This is amazing,” he said. “We’re doing things that hasn’t been done before. This class is coming together and all the fans just love it. The media’s gone crazy. This is what we needed to kind of get the spark plug going again in this class, because it’s a phenomenal class.

“I mean, you can get a Sonny’s motor, Jerry Haas car, Jerry Bickel car, Liberty transmission, and come race. It’s a really cool class and it’s the funnest car I’ve ever driven in my life. It is just a handful, but it’s fun.”

Houston low qualifier Chris Powers was second with a 6.244, 223.50 while Elijah Morton, was third with his Mustang at a 6.262 215.58 215.58.

Jeff Dobbins, the lone Mopar racer in the field was fourth with a 6.272, 222.91.





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