COMP Cams Explains Big Features For New Race XD Roller Lifters

COMP Cams Explains Big Features For New Race XD Roller Lifters

The new COMP Cams Race XD Solid Roller Lifter line contains some attention-getting design features for high horsepower applications.

“The RaceXD is the culmination of two of our best lifters,” states Chris Potter, Product Engineer at COMP Performance Group. “We have had the Elite Race and the Sportsman solid roller lifter lines out there for a while. The Race XD solid roller lifter is a combination of the best of what we’ve learned from both of those lifters which creates the ultimate piece for our lifter product lineup right now.”

The big game-changer with this new lifter is the removable pushrod seats. This interchangeability provides the opportunity to change out the lifter seat within the lifter housing. These seats are available in left and right offsets from centered, .080-, .090-, .160, and .180-inch. Their proven roller bushing technology is also featured.

One of the notable features is the proprietary bronze alloy roller bushing replacing the needle bearing design. A new oiling system design also provides consistent roller wheel and axle lubrication. This new oiling system cures a common failure point in many past lifter designs.

“Our bushing technology was new to COMP Cams with the Sportsman Series roller lifter, the roller wheel, and the bushing material, and is now carried over into the Race XD solid roller lifter,” Potter continues. “The same proven technology is now combined with the new oiling system, surface finish technology, and our new removable lifter seat.”

“Many lifters are only available with an extreme offset of .160- or .180-inch,” Potter explains. “These new replaceable inserts allow you to utilize as little of an offset as necessary. In many cases, you can achieve the needed cylinder head port clearance with a smaller offset pushrod location. Without the stress from an extreme offset, you can dramatically increase lifter life.”

Another advantage to the interchangeable pushrod seats is the capability to switch offsets without purchasing an entirely new set of lifters when changing a cylinder head or valvetrain in your racing engine.

“The standard REM-finish on the lifter surface reduces lifter body and lifter bore wear,” Potter adds. “There’s also an optional diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) that takes the lifter finish one step further. If you want the hardest, smoothest coating that will never wear out, the DLC finish is really nice.”

The lifter body itself features a REM-finished body that creates an extra smooth contact surface. There is also an optional DLC coating to further minimize friction.

COMP Performance Group offers these new lifters with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects. This is an impressive offer when you consider the volatile environment of a roller lifter mated to an extreme racing cam profile.

The Race XD roller lifter is currently available for both small- and big-block Chevrolet engines and ship with centered pushrod seats. “I don’t think anyone offers the small offset pushrod seat combinations that we can run with the Race XD lifters,” Potter says. “These have already received big interest by racers and racing engine builders alike.”

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