IDIDIT’s New Self-Centering Steering Hubs

IDIDIT's New Self-Centering Steering Hubs

Steering. A kind of boring, yet super important piece of what makes a car drive, and feel, the way it does. The masters of this: IDIDIT.

The company is widely known in the automotive world for their American-made steering columns, and is one of the first to jump in to fill any need (or want) for their customers.

For those that run a quick release removable steering wheel, IDIDIT just made your life a lot easier. They upgraded all of their five and six bolt hubs to include what they’re calling a “centering pin.” What’s this? Well, it’s basically a prayer answered for those with extreme attention to detail.

It allows for the steering wheel to be smoothly engaged with the spline, in the same exact position upon attachment–meaning you get a perfectly centered wheel every time. This allows for racers, or even daily drivers, to quickly and repeatably position their steering wheels prior to driving off.

Trever Cornwell of IDIDIT explains further, “These new Quick-Release Steering Hubs ease ingress and egress from driver compartments and also serve as a low-cost security option when the steering wheel is removed from the vehicle. The removable locating pin allows the hub to quickly align with the spline, making centering the steering wheel trouble-free.”

This is something we’re all for, and we’re glad it comes at no additional cost now. But, for those that prefer a non-centered configuration (commonly used on circle tracks and in Sprint Car racing), don’t fret–the centering pin is easily removable.

All of their pull-type quick-release hubs are SFI certified and include tight machining tolerances, delivering that tight steering feel we all can appreciate.

To learn more, or find out where you can purchase IDIDIT’s new steering hubs, visit their website HERE.

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