Larry Dixon has filed a lawsuit against the NHRA claiming his suspension as wrongful and subsequently blacklisted him in the industry. The Indianapolis Business Journal reported the federal antitrust lawsuit was filed on April 11.

NHRA announced back in November 2017 that Dixon was suspended indefinitely for violating NHRA Rules, particularly Section 1.3.1 Participant Conduct and 1.6.3 Chassis Inspection of the 2017 NHRA Rulebook.

In a prepared statement NHRA said, “NHRA Tech Department discovered the use of an NHRA chassis tag on an unauthorized and unapproved two-seat dragster. Any further incidents could result in further action. Larry can appeal the decision, per the 2017 NHRA Rulebook.”

Dixon was reinstated in April 2018, but it was apparent according to the complaint filed the damage was done. It is alleged Dixon’s two-seat, nitro-burning dragster was blacklisted from more than 140 NHRA-member tracks with the intention of giving other NHRA-endorsed two-seat dragsters a competitive edge in the entertainment dollar market. The complaint alleges the NHRA’s move essentially sought to control the business arena.

Dixon’s suit alleges he’s been deprived of his livelihood and sole source of income because of a suspension he’s described as unjustifiable, with his only recourse being to give up an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars or face what is essentially a lifetime ban from NHRA.

Dixon, in an article published in back in 2017, said he refused to speak badly of the NHRA but wishes the situation could have been handled differently.

“Initially I was crushed, and now I’m embarrassed because I would never have put myself or them in this position to do that because that’s not who I am,” Dixon said. “Literally everything that I have in my life I owe to the NHRA, including my wife. I met her at an NHRA race. So I’m the biggest banner-waving NHRA guy that there is. So I wouldn’t want to do anything that they would look down upon. So I’m embarrassed by this whole situation.

“I love this sport. I love it with all my heart.”





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