Larry Larson Going For The World’s Fastest Street Vehicle Record

Larry Larson Going For The World's Fastest Street Vehicle Record

If you were to try and print off Larry Larson’s drag racing resume you might very well run out of ink before the document has finished printing. Over his career, Larson has traveled the globe racing setting records and pretty much dominating any type of racing he takes part in. Now, Larson wants to add owning the world’s fastest street vehicle to his list of accomplishments during the NHRA Heartland Nationals this June.

In the world of street car drag racing Larson has achieved more than anybody else with multiple Drag Week wins to his name in his infamous Nova and S10. Record-wise, Larson was the first to crack the six-second and five-second barriers during Drag Week behind the wheel of his vehicles. If that wasn’t enough, Larson has even driven his S10 to an NHRA national event and won in Top Sportsman. In that same S10 Larson also appeared on Discovery’s No Prep Kings TV show and nearly won the season points title.

At the NHRA Heartland Nationals Larson is planning on taking his shot at the world’s fastest vehicle title on June 7 by making three separate attempts. Currently, the record is a 5.87 and Larson is more than ready to topple that number. The big cubic-inch engine in the S10 is known for making some serious power on any surface so having the ability to run on a national event caliber track should make resetting the record easier for Larson. The S10 is also for sale at this time, so the new owner could be buying a true piece of history if Larson is able to set the record in June.

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