McCain Riding A Winning Streak Into WOOOSTOCK

McCain Riding A Winning Streak Into WOOOSTOCK

When a team has momentum coming into a big race it can be that extra lift needed to allow them to do great things when they put their car in the beams. Brothers DJ and Ryan McCain, along with the rest of their family, have been riding a hot streak that carried over from a great 2018 season and into 2019. The McCain brothers are coming into the 3rd annual WOOOSTOCK with two big wins in 2019 and they’re ready to add another.

In 2018 DJ piloted the family’s 1971 Datsun 1200 known as “Bowser” to a Carolina NT Productions title in the small-block nitrous class. They accomplished this by maximizing the power their Abby’s Performance Racine Engines LS-based combo made with parts from Brian Tooley Racing and Ryan doing the tuning on the Holley EFI system. To kick off 2019, DJ picked up a hard-fought win at Lights Out 10 in the small block nitrous class.

“We finished last year Carolina N/T Small Block Nitrous champions and we kept the ball rolling going into this year at Lights Out 10. There was an issue and we got the engine put together at the last minute before we headed to Georgia. We had a couple of issues at the race where the engine ate a pushrod and then a pretty big backfire. We fought through those problems and made it all the way to the finals to win the event,” DJ says.

Following Lights Out 10, DJ picked up a win at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park at another no-time event to keep the new season’s momentum rolling. Being able to stay on top of the small-block no-time game isn’t easy since you don’t have a benchmark for how fast others go, but DJ and Ryan do what’s needed to pick up wins.

“We’ve raced most of the cars that run at these events but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be going any slower. You have to be ready for anything because a lot of these cars are capable of going very fast at any time. We’re usually racing the track to go as fast as possible, but you can’t take anybody lightly and get outrun. What makes no-time racing so tricky is that you don’t know what anybody else is really running so you can’t let your guard down,” DJ explains.

Even with two wins already in 2019, DJ and Ryan are ready to head to Darlington Dragway for WOOOSTOCK.

“It’s one of the biggest races of the year, hands down. There are going to be a lot of fans there so that makes racing at the event exciting. Another thing that’s cool is the variety of cars that are there since you do see some class cars that come out to run. You have guys like Stevie Jackson and other big names that make it a cool and amazing event,” DJ says.

DJ and Ryan are ready to park Bowser in the winner’s circle at Darlington Dragway April 11-13 during the 3rd Annual WOOOSTOCK. All the no-time racing action can be seen live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo. This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Lunati along with Lithium Pros, Speedwire, Billet Atomizer, Flying A Motorsports, and LME.

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