No-Time Racer’s Night Goes From Bad To Worse

No-Time Racer's Night Goes From Bad To Worse

Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield. And other days, you’re the bug and find yourself scattered from the grille to the hood to the windshield and onto the trailing car on the highway. Perhaps a bit of an exceptional metaphor, but when it isn’t your day, things have a way of multiplying just for extra measure.

On this particular night at the Palm Beach International Raceway in south Florida, no-time racer Ronnie Wilson exemplified this metaphor. Wilson was competing at the CrunchTime 5 D-League no-time shootout with his nitrous oxide-assisted Ford Mustang — Wilson found the traction a little greater than anticipated, and with bragging rights and money on the line, rode sky-scraping wheelstand right into the concrete retaining wall.

The first and second insult to injury.

After landing atop the wall near the 330-foot mark, the Mustang shot back across the racetrack and slammed into the opposing guardrail, causing even more damage to the car than was incurred in the initial impact. But not before a significant nitrous oxide explosion in between that shot flames over the roofline and singed the front of the car. It’s fair to say, this wasn’t Wilsons’s night in the least, and it was not one but two insults to injury — all predicated by the first, of course — that made it so. Luckily, Wilson got out of the car without injury and will go on  to race another day — a day he’ll hopefully be the windshield and not the bug.

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